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Another High SHBG Guy


Not using any anastrozole now either


Nice, your numbers look pretty much perfect. Were you on HCG from the beginning or did you add it in later? I need to get on it at some point wondering if I need to change the T protocol when I do.


I added that in recently. Started at 250 eod and suffered a bit of anxiety. Went to 100 eod. Then I read about an American doc using higher amounts so I thought I’d try it. Seems to be making the difference now


Thanks, I’ll bear that in mind when I start. I’m not looking forward to rocking the boat and trying to dial in another thing. Hopefully it won’t cause any issues


5 month blood tests results. Protocol is 27.5mg Sustanon EOD. Nothing else other than supplements.

Feeling okish, not great, not terrible although I still have random days of feeling quite bad. I can tell from waking when it’s going to be a bad day. Symptoms on these days are increased thirst & urination, dry hands, fatigue, dry mouth, heart palpitations, back ache.

Other days I feel fine in the morning and get a bit symptomatic in the evening and other days I feel ok all day.

Anyone think low E2 could be the problem? It is in range but SHBG is high so free E2 probably low. T/E ratio is probably out.

Calculated free T is 0.427 (0.2 - 0.62). I obviously need to increase free T more. Now that I am more or less stable I can slowly increase the dose.

Question: should I keep T dose the same and add it a bit of danazol to drop SHBG a bit or should I just increase T dose?

Anyone know if low uric acid is a problem?


Excess androgen suppresses SHBG, you need more testosterone, not more drugs.