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Another High SHBG Guy

No never taken any hair loss drugs. Yeah I heard that about Clomid, was kind of hoping the Proviron would counteract that but it probably doesn’t work like that.

It seems the only option for high SHBG is T injections but just wanted to exhaust other options first. I may just see if I can trial it at low doses and see what happens. If it’s a disaster move on to TRT

I think your idea warrants some research. Can you get proviron?

Your main issue is your SHBG though right? Not so much low T… In fact, your T is pretty high, because of the SHBG. Proviron might help.

Although, it would probably be a BITCH to get zeroed with that. But definitely exhaust all options before you go to TRT. But also don’t wait too long. Its a life changer if you are suffering.

Yeah I’m in UK so can get a prescription for it.

I am definitely going to start something soon! - been suffering for far too long already and it’s just getting worse. Half the battle was figuring out that I can disregard what the NHS doctors told me and seek out a progressive private doctor who will treat me. Feel I am at least on the right path now.

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Interested in how the Proviron works for you. Keep us posted. please tag me if you do.

Thanks, I’ll keep you updated.

Hi, I have insanely high SHBG and Proviron didn’t work for me on my first trial. However, I still have faith in the drug, based on the volume of positive reports I read. If my T had been at the upper end of the scale, and my SHBG wasn’t SO high (101), I think Proviron would have been helpful. Of course, that is speculation because I don’t have facts to support that.

Danazol lowered SHBG for me; and I’m still looking into whether the two drugs together would be beneficial or detrimental.

My story is below … FYI.

Thanks, yes I’ve been following your thread, shame the Proviron didn’t work out.

My doctor has put me on supplements for adrenal support as he thinks I have adrenal fatigue (it’s been a stressful few years) and T3 only for now. We will see how things are in a few months and then add testosterone.

I wanted to treat one thing first so I could tell what effect it was having. Also thyroid medications affect testosterone so it would be useful to get a new baseline in a few months and go from there with Clomid. It is a little confusing though as T3 raises SHBG but it is also said it can increase free testosterone. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

He also doesn’t think high SHBG is a bad thing. According to him the latest research shows it’s good for the heart and if it is high then you just need to add more testosterone to increase free T. He’s not that keen on Proviron which is a shame as I think I’d be a good candidate - it seems to suit younger guys with high total T best from studies I’ve read. But I’ll see where I’m at in a few months and have a discussion then

I’m sure 30 people on this board groaned loudly when they read this.

I really can’t understand how doctors can stand by that statement. Endocrinologist, Urologist and others have all said the same thing … “don’t worry about SHBG”. But I’m starting to believe it is because all of them I have seen so far, were doctors focused on the general hormone health rather than specializing in the testosterone side. My urologist – after giving me a penile doppler using caverject – said, “look no problem with erection. We will prescribe caverject”. Uh - that will be a NO from me, dogg. I’m not sticking a needle in my penis 30 minute before I want a boner.

Everyone here says the same thing. FIND A TESTOSTERONE DOCTOR. Because you aren’t going to get the same support from the regular Endo or Urologist or whatever, and I believe they are 100% correct.

Treating one thing at a time does make the most sense … it just takes longer. Good luck and keep posting.


High SHBG becomes a bad thing when it starts binding up too much of your bioavailable testosterone.

Please find a real hormone specialists and not some quack doctor.

It was hard enough finding someone who will treat me at all! It really shouldn’t be this difficult considering I live in a major capital city and am willing to pay for treatment.

I’ll see how it goes on the T3 then consider my options. Either persuade him to prescribe what I want or look elsewhere

I’m on TRT in the U.K. I’m in my 7th week
My SHBG was quite high:

Before TRT I had 2 tests.

49 nmol/L
58 nmol/L

I’ve just had my 6 week test done and it’s down to 36 nmol/L

I was prescribed 2x25mg proviron a day.
So the proviron has worked for me.

Nice. What were your free T levels? What effects has it had on you so far?

I’m also on Sustanon 250mg, it was every week, now I’m changing to every 9 days.
My free T levels were just below the normal range, about 0.20 nmol/L. Now they are 0.7 nmol/L which is above normal. The last test was on my trough day, just before my weekly injection.

You may need to increase the dosage to get the Free T higher.

Quick update to my thread and hopefully get some opinions on my proposed protocol.

Tried T3 which made me feel progressively worse every day so stopped after a week. Didn’t really get better after stopping and felt so bad at one point I actually went to the emergency room. Extreme fatigue, really bad heart palpitations. I did a blood test two weeks after stopping:

Total T 31.3 (7.6 - 31.4)
SHBG 95 (16 - 55)
Free T 0.327 (0.3 - 1.0)
E2 51.5 (41 - 195)

SHBG highest yet and free T and E2 lowest yet. Decided to try my Clomid + Proviron experiment at this point however I only had Clomid to hand. The Proviron had not arrived yet. I was desperate as still felt terrible so started Clomid on its own (12.5mg ED). I felt much better within a few days - almost normal - but then started feeling worse again. Theory was that T went up initially but then SHBG followed. Blood test 2 weeks into Clomid seemed to back that up:

Total T 44.1 (7.6 - 31.4)
SHBG 125 (16 - 55)
Free T 0.378 (0.3 - 1.0)
E2 131 (41 - 195)

Everything had gone up as expected but free T about the same. Interestingly however I didn’t have the heart palpitations at this point which I thought might be because E2 was higher than before. Anyway the Proviron arrived and I took 50mg ED for a week with Clomid. After a week I was still feeling terrible, worse than ever in fact, so just decided this is not the right path given how high my SHBG had become and stopped everything and started taking Boron 9mg ED (along with Vit D & Magnesium). Since then I have actually been feeling much better. I think it has freed up enough T to make the terrible symptoms subside. Tested again after two weeks and SHBG had dropped back down to 99. Still feel like shit - low energy, ED etc but able to function normally and go to work at least.

So I totally screwed up my experiment by starting with Clomid on it’s own and not giving Proviron enough of a chance but basically decided to just go on TRT anyway. My prescribed Protocol is 175mg Sustanon E7D & 100mg Danozol ED to reduce SHBG.

Any thoughts on that? Seems to me to be a good starting point for high SHBG?

I started adrenal supplements this month for the same reason. One of my doctors suggested it, and the other quickly warned me … “This is a long-term adjustment”. In other words, don’t plan to see any quick results.

IMO, you should also consider taking a DIM product to see if it will reduce the E levels. I found the most research on INDOLPLEX DIM and that is what I have been taking.

I plan to experiment with higher doses of Proviron once I am out of the USA again. Until then, I am on a 100mg dose of Danazol every day. I took a 30 day break from Danazol, had my blood checked, and then resumed my treatment. On Friday, I had labs down again and am waiting to see the results. This will again show that Danazol is reducing my SHBG.

PS: IMO, the low dose Proviron won’t work for insanely high SHBG. Guys who have written about Proviron working for them did NOT have these high numbers.
That is why I plan to try it again with a higher dose, but taken along with Danazol.

There are guys here that say the “numbers don’t matter” – it is how you feel. And even though I agree with them, I feel the numbers are important to attempt a correlation between how I am feeling at that moment, and what the actual numbers are.

Of course, I have told you before, that I am only sharing my experiences … because I am still “out of balance”. I add comments only to help you with your research.

Part of what bothers me to much is the lack of drive to get things accomplished. The ED issues are another story …

If you get time, would you please add the information about the boron you are taking to a thread I started about supplements? I’m sure others would like to know more about which Boron works.

Hey mate , your bloods read a lot like mine did a while back when I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid , although your thyroid levels look ok , my SHBG at its highest was 86 and by that point my usual TT of 31 had dropped down to 16 and free test had bombed also , I was put on 125mg of Test e5d and 2 x 100mg danazol a week , after 4 weeks my total test was up to 32 my free t was around 600 and my SHBG dropped to 26 , my E2 levels were 27 , I felt a Shit load better even the best for years I would say , hopefully that protocol works for you but remember to give it a few weeks before you make a call on if it’s working or not , let the fellas know how you go mate :+1:t3:

I actually stopped the adrenal supplements as I did the 24h cortisol saliva test and cortisol was pretty normal, just slightly at the low end in the morning. I also didn’t have much faith in the doctor that prescribed it and have since moved elsewhere. Maybe there is more to diagnosing adrenal issues than that though… not too sure.

Re DIM, my feeling is that E2 is too low as SHBG is so high and binding to it. I.e. the number on the blood tests is total E2 and free E2 is therefore low. Don’t know if it works like that though.

Yeah sure I’ll post the details.

Hey, thanks for replying. that’s encouraging to hear. Looks like similar numbers and a similar protocol although my 100mg Danozol ED looks high now compared to yours at only twice a week. Was it smooth sailing or did you suffer a “rollercoaster”?

To be honest mate it was actually great , I was feeling better everyday , even in the dips before the next injection I still felt very much improved , I think it’s a good idea that if you are having a run of feeling way better than normal to try and get in and get your bloods done , this MAY give you a bit of a baseline on roughly where you levels should be sitting to feel good , only what I did myself may not be for everyone :+1:t3: