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Another High SHBG Guy

Hi all,

I’m new here and after reading a few of the threads decided to get peoples opinion on my situation.

I’m 34, male, generally healthy, no meds, a few supplements, from UK, 6 foot, 11 stone, slim/athletic build, do bodyweight training 3-4 times a week.

Symptoms (had pretty much my whole adult life)
ED, low energy, brain fog, low muscle mass, can’t grow proper beard, premature greying, get sick easily.

Blood testing
I’ve attached a summary of all the hormone blood tests I’ve had done. Total T is high, SHBG is high, DHEA-S is high. I started taking Tongkat Ali a week before the last test in an attempt to reduce SHBG but it went up. Probably why the total T went up as well. I have actually noticed an improvement with ED since taking Tongkat Ali. It’s the only supplement that has had any effect and I’ve tried a lot.

I have also had loads of other blood tests, cholesterol, full blood count, liver function as I kept getting ill but everything was normal - “a perfect specimen of human health” according to my GP…

So it seems that high SHBG and low free T are the problem. My thyroid numbers are not ideal from what I have read. I do have some symptoms of Hypothyroidism but I also have some which suggest otherwise for example my metabolism has always been quite high (I think), don’t put on fat easily. Basal body temps average 36.8c (98.2f) which seem pretty normal.

From what I have read about high SHBG it seems TRT is the only option. Is there anyone from the UK who knows whether I have a hope of finding a doctor who’d prescribe it given my total T numbers? I have been emailing balance my hormones so will see what they say about it.

Looking forward to hearing peoples thoughts.


Dr Savage at the Leger Clinic in Doncaster may be able to help.

Thanks I’ll look him up

If you’re willing to pay private, Dr Savage is the doc optimale.co.uk use.

Adding to my post. Hoping someone can comment on my blood tests. Here are my latest results.

I have found a progressive private clinic who are willing to treat my thyroid and low free testosterone. They haven’t suggested a treatment plan yet but I’m seeing them next week for another consultation.

Is there any chance Proviron + very low dose Clomid could help my free testosterone? Proviron to keep SHBG & Estradiol in check and a little bit of Clomid just to maintain high total testosterone.

Creatinine is high. I read this can be caused by hypothyroidism? I will ask the clinic for rT3. White blood cells are low worryingly - I had been feeling awful the two weeks leading up to the blood test. Could have had a virus possibly.

Are you on any medications? Keto? Intermittent fasting?

No medications, just a few supplements - Vit D, fish oil, ashwaganda.

Normal balanced healthy diet. Not doing Keto, No intermittent fasting

Did you ever take Finasteride or propecia, or any other hair loss drugs?

I cant speak regarding using the proviron, unfortunately.

Clomid raises SHBG also just FYI.

No never taken any hair loss drugs. Yeah I heard that about Clomid, was kind of hoping the Proviron would counteract that but it probably doesn’t work like that.

It seems the only option for high SHBG is T injections but just wanted to exhaust other options first. I may just see if I can trial it at low doses and see what happens. If it’s a disaster move on to TRT

I think your idea warrants some research. Can you get proviron?

Your main issue is your SHBG though right? Not so much low T… In fact, your T is pretty high, because of the SHBG. Proviron might help.

Although, it would probably be a BITCH to get zeroed with that. But definitely exhaust all options before you go to TRT. But also don’t wait too long. Its a life changer if you are suffering.

Yeah I’m in UK so can get a prescription for it.

I am definitely going to start something soon! - been suffering for far too long already and it’s just getting worse. Half the battle was figuring out that I can disregard what the NHS doctors told me and seek out a progressive private doctor who will treat me. Feel I am at least on the right path now.

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Interested in how the Proviron works for you. Keep us posted. please tag me if you do.

Thanks, I’ll keep you updated.

Hi, I have insanely high SHBG and Proviron didn’t work for me on my first trial. However, I still have faith in the drug, based on the volume of positive reports I read. If my T had been at the upper end of the scale, and my SHBG wasn’t SO high (101), I think Proviron would have been helpful. Of course, that is speculation because I don’t have facts to support that.

Danazol lowered SHBG for me; and I’m still looking into whether the two drugs together would be beneficial or detrimental.

My story is below … FYI.

Thanks, yes I’ve been following your thread, shame the Proviron didn’t work out.

My doctor has put me on supplements for adrenal support as he thinks I have adrenal fatigue (it’s been a stressful few years) and T3 only for now. We will see how things are in a few months and then add testosterone.

I wanted to treat one thing first so I could tell what effect it was having. Also thyroid medications affect testosterone so it would be useful to get a new baseline in a few months and go from there with Clomid. It is a little confusing though as T3 raises SHBG but it is also said it can increase free testosterone. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

He also doesn’t think high SHBG is a bad thing. According to him the latest research shows it’s good for the heart and if it is high then you just need to add more testosterone to increase free T. He’s not that keen on Proviron which is a shame as I think I’d be a good candidate - it seems to suit younger guys with high total T best from studies I’ve read. But I’ll see where I’m at in a few months and have a discussion then

I’m sure 30 people on this board groaned loudly when they read this.

I really can’t understand how doctors can stand by that statement. Endocrinologist, Urologist and others have all said the same thing … “don’t worry about SHBG”. But I’m starting to believe it is because all of them I have seen so far, were doctors focused on the general hormone health rather than specializing in the testosterone side. My urologist – after giving me a penile doppler using caverject – said, “look no problem with erection. We will prescribe caverject”. Uh - that will be a NO from me, dogg. I’m not sticking a needle in my penis 30 minute before I want a boner.

Everyone here says the same thing. FIND A TESTOSTERONE DOCTOR. Because you aren’t going to get the same support from the regular Endo or Urologist or whatever, and I believe they are 100% correct.

Treating one thing at a time does make the most sense … it just takes longer. Good luck and keep posting.


High SHBG becomes a bad thing when it starts binding up too much of your bioavailable testosterone.

Please find a real hormone specialists and not some quack doctor.

It was hard enough finding someone who will treat me at all! It really shouldn’t be this difficult considering I live in a major capital city and am willing to pay for treatment.

I’ll see how it goes on the T3 then consider my options. Either persuade him to prescribe what I want or look elsewhere

I’m on TRT in the U.K. I’m in my 7th week
My SHBG was quite high:

Before TRT I had 2 tests.

49 nmol/L
58 nmol/L

I’ve just had my 6 week test done and it’s down to 36 nmol/L

I was prescribed 2x25mg proviron a day.
So the proviron has worked for me.

Nice. What were your free T levels? What effects has it had on you so far?