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Another High Morning Fasted Glucose


This morning I tested my blood glucose immediately when I woke up and got a score of 102. I have been tested in the 99-102 range a couple of times before.

Then I drank 2 cups of water and walked up and down the stairs like twice, and tested it again at 83.

Is that immediate score of 102 still problematic, I mean if high 90s are bad then it can't be good to sleep with glucose levels at that level, or is the hydraded mark of 83 better. I double checked the 83 to confirm it.

Is it possible that blood in the arms and or legs gets a little higher blood sugar than the core overnight, and I just need a little activity to get core blood back into the extremities?


Could be anything.

Hyperglycemia: see a doctor

Nothing: seriously, have an annual physical and stop sweating the small stuff

Lousy diet: fix it

Asking about blood glucose, that could lead to diabetes and you ask on a BB forum? Makes 0 sense to me.


Seriously? Perhaps you don't realize that sports medicine in 10 if not 20 years ahead of the practicing doctor in understanding and explaining human nutrition.


That's a normal blood sugar. 80-126 is considered normal worry when you are in the 120's.

102 is nothing to worry about.

And sorry but your comment on sports medicine is very naive.




You know Dixie I have a bunch of GIFs but when I go to get more, I end up having to reboot my laptop on the works server. I think some serious Viral shit is going down.


Its not naive. It might be something else. My wife is a cardiologist, and I have extensive grad work in exercise physiology. Her standard textbook operating procedure includes things that athletes have known were wrong for at least 10 years such as that more that 80 grams of protein is bad for the kidneys, and that reducing dietary cholesterol significantly lowers blood cholesterol-or that blood cholesterol causes human plaques.

I could go on and on about the lipid misconception. The AMA still says coconut oil should generally not be consumed by anyone. Doctors will recommend soy protein as a good protein supplement (but don't go over 80 grams a day total). BMI DICTATES what kind of shape you are in. When I was in grad school 18 years ago we were reading studies that are only now impacting what doctors do.

Maybe if you mean the average run of the mill sports medicine person is 10+ years behind as well, I could agree with you.


I just hope you guys aren't defending the typical family doctor's knowledge of nutrition.

Let me put it this way, there is much more up to date knowledge of nutrition among the right set of posters on this site than among the sum total of practicing US physicians. I hope you can see that.


Thanks. that's really my point. I've had 2 doctors, and all they see is a fasted morning glucose of 99 and they both said that I might want to start considering medication to control blood glucose. I had a blood pressure of 128/86 and my doctor made me take BP meds, and up the dose until I got in the 110s/70s range, and if I refused I would have been considered non-compliant for insurance purposes. Now the best research says that there are NO health benefits from lowering a blood pressure that is already consistently under 140/90. The BP meds that I used first gave me a cough that kept me from sleeping through the night for a year.

Now I've cut back on salt and I'm getting 110/70 on meds.


Actually, yes. My doctor is an amateur bodybuilder. I choose my doctor instead of the other way around.

But then again, I have control of my life. And I don't carry a glucose meter with me either....


"Yes" to what question? If you have to go to a doctor who is a bodybuilder to get good advice then you have confirmed that your first post is pure bullshit.

I don't understand the whole control thing. I didn't go to a doctor for 15 years. I cut my foot and went to get a tetanus shot from the doctor that they put on my card. She took my blood pressure and it was 128/86. Now I am prescribed BP medication and have another doctor talking about blood sugar. I am going elsewhere for imformation so that I can have control of my life.


Oh don't worry about JFG. He lives in Alberta so he has plenty reason to be crabby. I lived there for 10 years and it was horrendous. :slight_smile:


Totally agree. Thank god I live in the mountains.

Btw, op, you completely missed the point. choose a doctor that will understand what you are doing. If you don't, you come to forums and bitch that they don't give you the right advice. Find a doctor that suits your life style and stop getting double advice that you don't like.

If you don't see your doctor once a year for a physical, you are a moron. It's called prevention and it takes 1 hour a year.

Wait till you reach my age.


I almost said that he sounds like 3 other guys from Alberta around here.

Anyway, can you pick your own doctor in Canada?


Of course you can.

And you get put on BP meds after one visit? Are you insane? It's your body.

My doctor checked my cholesterol when I hold him I was on the anabolic diet. See the difference! He knows me and I know him. I have a doctor. Not a pill pushing, over bearing, prescribe everything on whim kind of quack.

Anyhoo, I'm done.

Time to get crabby in the mountains.


Well I go once a year now, because if I don't he won't renew my prescription and then I am considered non-compliant.

I guess if I hadn't gone I wouldn't have known that a 128/86 blood pressure had briefly been considered to be in need of treatment by the latest research 5 years prior.

I go in for an annual physical and my doctor wants to know what's wrong that I would come in to see the doctor about. I am totally serious, I moved from Denver, to a smaller town about an hour out of Denver and here they don't seem to know what a physical is. I have to tell him what to check. I am not really sure what to do about a colorectal or testicular exam because I think the Drs here don't do them.

The last Dr I had in Denver was female, and she got to the end and then told me that "the last part of the exam was kind of embarrasing it is the (pause) testicular exam" WTF I'm not embarrased. She put an apron on me, staired up at the ceiling and seriously turned red.


That story sounds epic.

I definitely second the advice to seek a better doctor, even if it means a road trip once in a while. Prostate exams and roadtrips go hand in hand if I recall my cinema correctly.


yea, diabetics actually call this dawn phenomenon. It can be a bitch to deal with sometimes. Have you tried testing your fasting blood sugar later in the day?


Did you have an erection?

Maybe she thought you were cute.


Fasting blood sugar is 85 within a half hour of waking, if I drink some water and walk around a little. I am sure I have the muscle to soak up any extra blood sugar once I get moving.

I was worried that my insulin sensitivity is not good enough to keep my blood sugar in the 80s when the cortisol rush comes on on the early morning hours of sleep. Maybe I am just getting a little dehydrated.

If I eat a high carb meal, my blood sugar will go up to about 110-120 at 60 minutes, and back under 90 within about another hour. It is always 80-85 2 or more hours after eating except first thing in the morning.

I think I am a little insulin insensitive, but have the muscle to sponge up/buffer blood sugar levels. I am really trying to make a permanent move to a low carb diet averaging about 100 grams a day, maybe ranging from 50-200 over the course of a week.

Carbs do nothing for my training-I train worse if I eat any carbs, and they don't seem to help me recover either (no reall effect of post workout carbs and that is with 10+ years of trying different things). The only thing they do is help me sleep, but if I don't eat carbs I will have nights where I just feel buzzed trying to sleep and its not caffiene. Maybe its some ketones.