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Another Great Guns Question

allright, this is my last post on the great guns work out, i swear. i just finished the first week of phase one and was talking to one of my friends that started the program a few weeks ago. he told me that he had been doing 3 sets of each of the exercises (3 sets of the trisets, 3 sets of 21s), but i read it again looking for set numbers and it doesn’t really say how many so i just assumed one set. the workout did seem sort of quick doing just 1 set of each thing, but i know ian only reccommends around 12 sets per workout for most people. can somebody who has done the program before please clear this up for me. thanks. - Nic

I haven’t done the program yet but I have looked it over and it calls for 1 warm up set and 1 work set on the trisets. On the 21’s and the strip sets, it calls for 1 warm up set of 10 reps at normal range and speed and 1 work set. The 21’s and strip sets are basically supersetted. Doing 3 work sets on this workout would probably be overtraining. Let us know the results you end up with.

Nic, just to reinforce what the Non-Juicinator has said, one set of each exercise or triset is the protocol from Ian. Again, I haven’t done the program myself, but having read it over several times, I’m sure that’s the P-L-A-N from the coach himself. Hope that helps, buddy, and like Avoids said, let us know how things turn out for ya, bro.

I have done the program, and I can definately say one set per excercise (+ warmups where appropriate). I actually found some of the workouts went overtime, but that could be that I was waiting around for my training partner to finish. Ian insists this workout is done with only minimal maintenance stuff for other days, so doing three sets of everything would kill you in terms of overtraining.