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Another Glucose Test Question


This question is mainly for John Berardi but I'll take as much info as I can get so that means anyone I suppose.

About me:
I'm 22 years old. Around 13-16% bodyfat. 6'1'' and 210 pounds.

I used a glucometer and a 50gram glucose drink to test my insulin sensitivity after I fasted for 12 hours. I got some rather unusual/disturbing results.

These are what my numbers look like:

Fasted reading: 127
15 min: 166
30 min: 227
60 min: 97
90 min: 83
120 min: 91

So from what I can make of this (and the chart found in Massive Eating #2), this is how my insulin activity was:

I start out with relatively high levels of insulin in my system. My insulin levels continue to climb for about 30 mins around which they peak at a level far about what is normal.

It then proceeds to rapidly bottom out at a level less than what I started with after the fast. It continues to drop up until 90 mins, after which it begins to rise.

What the hell does all this mean? Diabetes runs in my family and some of these numbers appear to be very high. I had bloodwork done for a standard physical a year or so ago and they didn't tell me that anything appeared wrong.

I'm thinking some of this might have to do with the fact that I have a sinus infection and that I'm sick. I have no idea how much of an impact that would have. What should I make of all of this?



First off, those numbers represent glucose levels, not insulin levels; which means you are starting off with a relativly high fasting glucose level.

What your test seems to suggest is that you have a certain degree of insulin resistance.

So what is happening, the pancrease is putting out a lot of insulin in order to bring down your glucose; as the glucose is dropping, the insulin is still being cranked out, leading to an even greater glucose drop that drops below your fasting level; then it goes (eventually) back to baseline.

I would go in to see your doc to get a more definitive serum glucose tolerance test, with insulin levels, especially considering your family history.



Also, what exactly would this mean if I want to keep lean and mean. I'm following a Berardi style P+C/P+F eating strategy. Should I consume 4 P+F meals and 2 P+C meals post workout?


You certainly need to begin leaning toward a diet with an overall lower glycemic load.

However, Dr.B is MUCH more qualified than me to say how that would fit into a more comprehensive program of Body Recomposition (especially with evidence of a certain degree if insulin resistance).

I'd drop him a PM/e-mail.

Good thread!



By the way!

Ask Dr.B if he would post his thoughts on this thread!



Will do. I really appreciate your comments on this topic.


Hmm it seems as if John Berardi has PM's disabled on his account. How might I get into contact with him?