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Another Gaining Question


Hey everyone, new to the forums here. First off, I am 5'11", 19, and my stable bodyweight before I started lifting seriously was a little under 170, and im just under 180 now. I am doing way too much cardio (i think) as a result of the Army (which i cant change lol) and some martial arts. I've been eating around 3600 calories a day, with mid 200's grams of protein and upwards of 400 in grams of carbs. On top of that fish oil and tuna for some good fats.

In the gym I'm on a 5 day split shooting for the 6-8 rep range, switching up the lifts every two weeks. I had put on about 5 pounds putting me at 180, but I seem to have lost a few pounds... I know I shouldn't rely on the scale for progress, but it has its place. Anyways, to stop rambling and ask a damn question:

What should I do differently to keep gaining and reach my goal of 190-200 lbs before "cutting".

and FYI, as far as supps go, I am cycled on creatine right now, and use the usual whey post-wo and casein at bedtime with a shit ton of water during the day. Thanks in advance guys


STOP changing you lifts every two weeks. That's pointless.

If your not gaining weight on 3,600 cals then... Wait for it... EAT MORE FOOD.

And lastly/most importantly... Stop prefacing your questions with excuses like "ectomorph." that's retarded. Forget you ever read that dumbass term and lift heavy weights, eat more food and rest enough to recover.


How long have you been doing your current routine? How long did it take you to get from 170 to 180? What is your target weight after your cut?

The only way to gain weight is to eat more calories than you burn. How much of that is lean mass is determined by your workout intensity and to a lesser degree, your macros. How much weight you need to exceed your goal weight by before you start cutting is determined by the amount of fat you put on during your bulk. It is generally agreed that you need a minimum amount of muscle on your frame before you start a cut, or your losses will put you right back where you started. By the looks of your pic in your avatar, you have a ways to go.


Thanks for the no BS response, points taken.


Well I did that off and on lifting and it was never a structured time period with specific goal like I am doing now, dont wanna make up a number.

And after the cut I want to be about 190-195

Im posting 2 pictures from about 165 to present at 180 if it helps to judge progress or whatever.


The pic ^ is at 165 or so and this is current at 180.
(sorry its sideways idk whats up with that)


hey greg, you look awesome to the max!
you must be on teh creatinez and the test boosterz.

to the OP, post your routine so we can take a look at it.

when was the last time you gained weight? its not a linear process so if you didnt gain any weight last week that doesnt mean you are doing things wrong. if you havent gained weight in like the last 3-4 weeks, id say you have a problem.


I gained about a year and a half ago, but not for long. I'll try to stay patient and not use the scale as my only guide.

Here is training right now, sorry about the format, I am copying and pasting from my excel spreadsheet.


Dumbbell Lunges 8X2
Back Squats @205 3X6
Glute Ham Raises Bodyweight 3X8
Seated Calf Raises @90 3X12
Leg extensions
leg curls

Back and Triceps
Seated one arm cable Rows 3X8
Straight arm pulldown @65 3X8
Barbell Deadlifts @225 3X6
Reverse grip Tricep Pushdowns 3X6-8
Skullcrushers @70 3X8
Lying Tate Press @45 2X8
Weighted Dips 45 1X8, 1X10, 1X15

(Long run and tae kwon do)

Chest and Biceps
Flat Barbell Press 185 5X5
Incline Dumbbell 65 3X6
Decline Dumbbell 75 3X8
Ball Pushups bodyweight failure 2 sets
Overhead Cable Curl 30 3X8
Lying Cable curls 30 3X6
Spider Curls 75 3X6
Chin Ups 10 2X6

Shoulders and abs
Seated Lat Raises 25 3X8
Arnold Presses 45 3X6
Front Plate Raises 45 2X8
Dumbbell Shrugs 80 3X8
Low Pulley Delt Raise 30-50 2X6
Ab Crunch Machine 60 3X50
Decline leg raises Bodyweight 3X16
Scissor kicks Bodyweight 2X20
Weighted sit-ups 25 3X12

Tae kwon do and rest

Rest, usually some track sprints

and another note though I usually throw in abs on other days other than Friday, Im not just hitting them once a week.

Suggestions welcome


to me, that seems like a lot. id cut out some of those exercises and maybe the long run if you are serious about putting on some weight. same deal with abs. you dont need to do them that often if you are bulking. heavy squats and deads should be enough for right now.

the last time you gained weight was a year and a half ago? if that is the case, keep a food log for a little while and see what you are eating. it sounds like it is likely not enough.

and greg is right, dont change your exercises that often. size gains often come after neural adaption. do the same lifts for a while, get good and strong on them and you will put on size IMO.


I wish I could cut out the long run, believe me lol. But its part of my PT for the Army so I have to keep it up unfortunately. I should just add in more calories to account for it I assume. Im keeping a log and have been for the last two weeks, and Im gonna start upping cals. (before the log I absolutely wasnt getting as much as i thought, a classic mistake i have learned)

Thanks I will stick with the compund movements and not switch it up. appreciate the answers man


If I was you I would add more food (as suggested by my first post) because if you're not gaining then you're not eating enough.

As far as your routine goes here are my suggestions:

Legs Day: Do your squats before you do your lunges. I like to be fresh when I hit my "money maker" exercises like bench, squat, dead, mil press.

Back & Tri's: Same as legs. I'd move DL's to the begining so that you're not already fatigued while doing such a complex lift. Also since you're in the Army I would suggest doing pullups to help with your PFT score.

Chest & Bi's: I'd drop the ball push ups and just do regular push ups. Also I'd add in some straight/ez bar curl. I wouldnt start bi's with overhead cable curl.

Shoulders & Abs: Add DB press or Military press to your shoulder day (first) You have 3 "raising" exercises and only one press. You should swap one of those for an overhead press.

Those are my suggestions man.


Thanks greg, more food it is. You're suggestions are good I'll definitely do that, idk why i put lunges in front of squats, stupid.

Out of curiosity, is changing up the routine every 2 weeks or so good for when you are cutting or is that just a BS theory i picked up somewhere along the way?


i think that might be a BS theory you picked up somewhere. i dont know anyone that switches their routine that often.


It is just a bs theory.