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Another Funny Gym Story...


Oh I know these posts have been overdone lately but I had to tell this one.

I was at the gym the other day working on that GBC training program. While working in some extra exercises, I saw two short tubby guys walking up to the sole bench press station. Greased back hair, peach fuzz mustache, all chest-no back, wife beater shirt, shorts down to their ankles, you get the idea. Painting a picture for you.

I didnt really pay attention to them until they racked up the weight and started to grunt. It wasn't so bad until one of them, obviously thinking he was a bigger shot than the other, sat up and started pounding on his chest. Grunting. Like he had just moved the world. Mind you, this was shaking his boobs and gletainous belly at the same time. I couldnt help but start laughing.

Oh by the way, he had just benched 110lbs....


Hey Tank,

Post the story here:


The original stupid/funny stories thread. It's been going since July '04; someone's gotta revive it now...


OMG that's an old thread...