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Another Ft. Hood Muslim Terror Plot


What say you all ?


Glad they intercepted it before people got hurt.


You don't understand, he's not a 'real Muslim'. Let me explain about these people who aren't 'real Muslims'.

1) They profess to be Muslims and are devout followers of the Islamic faith.

2) They claim to be Muslims.

3) They claim Islamic justification for their plans/attacks.

But they're not 'real Muslims'. See?


This guy maybe Arab but here's no Muslim. Kiddie porn? I highly doubt this guy practices at all. I know a lot of Muslim people and they honestly just turn away when you even mention the word 'porn.' Leave that kiddie, pedo shit for them Catholic priests. Y'know what I'm sayin'?


No. I don't know what you're saying. This guy claimed he was 'conscientiously objecting' to service in the US military(after enlisting) because it conflicted with his 'ISLAMIC FAITH'. He has now been arrested for plotting an ISLAMIC TERRORIST ATTACK at Fort Hood.

OBL porn stash:


Know'm saaaay'n man?


Lol he objected to service after enlisting? I don't think you need to go further than that.

What's your point anyway? Do you know any Muslim's personally? I think you need to stop with the passive-aggressive BS clearly evident with all the Muslim threads you start (which un-surprisingly are all about nasty stuff) and just come out and say what's really on your mind. You hate the Islamic faith? Okay just say it. Don't worry I won't resent you bro.

Man I'm not even Muslim or anything but c'mon...

(And don't end your reply with my ending phrase. That's not cool. Read: lame.)

Feel me?


Exactly. Ridiculous isn't it?

Sick of Islamist propaganda, terror, stealth Jihad and apologists inside and outside of the Islamic community basically.


I say what's on my mind in the threads.

Actually, I'd like to see Islam reform.


TYPO: Should be Muslims instead of Muslim's. Pardon the egregious grammatical error.

But yeah, I'll say it again now but I've been saying it for a while. As long as there is poverty there will always be violence and terror. A lot of these Jihadists look at the environment around them and see nothing but poverty, desolation and blandness. Then they decide to blame someone for it and use their religion (but probably more accurately THEIR own religious beliefs) as an excuse. Because, obviously, it's much sexier to say you're 'fighting for something' instead of in frustration your surroundings and life.

And it applies to every politically/culturally/politically motivated terrorists. Insert Christian fundamentalist instead of Jihadist and no freedom/multiculturalism instead of poverty.


You stupid or a troll?

'Abdo had filed for a conscientious-objector status based on his Muslim religion'


Yet studies have proved that most Al Qaeda terrorists are educated, upper-middle class and likely to have a university degree.

Load of old cobblers.


I haven't studied the subject, but I would expect islamist terrorist targeting western world to be above the standard both economically and socially in the islamic world. Poorer people probably blow themselves up there where they are.


Like I said in the other thread, he may have been raised Muslim but he's probably not a practising Muslim. He's an idiot using his supposed religion to rationalise his own fucked up agenda. Matter of fact I bet he doesn't even know his own agenda.


Sexmachine why are you being so ignorant to the other fundamentalists out there?


It's a moral equivalency thing. Christian fundamentalists and crazy orthodox Jews aren't a threat to world peace. Teaching creationism in schools or whether some Jews in Israel want to stop other Jews driving on the Shabbat or something doesn't really concern me quite as much as stuff like 9/11, 7/7, Madrid, Bali, Beslan etc


Gettinitdone speakin my thoughts exactly.

I know one devout muslim very well (and a couple more not as well) and he's real unhappy about Islam being used to justify violence. Cause it gives the whole group a bad name. Islam means peaceful submission to God. And one of their most important messengers from God is Jesus... Pretty sure you can't properly justify violence in any religion where that guy is included...

And these Al Qaeda terrorists live in poor countries where they are among a more powerful minority. They're not complete idiots (even though they are idiots). They can surely see the poverty around them.


It's not a socio-economic problem. Large groups of LAWYERS protested bin Laden's killing in Cairo. LAWYERS also protested bin Laden's death in Pakistan.


Seriously...? You get an 'F'. 'F' for 'fail'.


I'm quite sure, practically certain, that islamic terrorism can be shown to have a connection both with the price of goatmeet on Lahore market and with the comments of some scholar about some piece of Hadith. So if I add the word only to your first sentense then it makes sense to me.


Nothing else to say?

There are some notable Jewish terrorists.

And I shouldn't even have to put any Christians up here after the attacks in Norway...
That guy wrote something along the lines of being in a "fight for Judeo-Christian world" that might not be exact but the sentiment is there.


Goldstein. Not a terrorist. Murdered by Arabs AFTER being disarmed. These same Arabs then went on a rampage and murdered nine other Jews.

Eden Natan Zada was also murdered by Arabs AFTER being disarmed.

I wonder if I started a thread and listed Islamic terrorists how many pages it would run into? You know when I think that Islamists have used children and mongoloids as suicide bombers and sent suicide bombers to the funerals of people mourning the deaths of suicide bomb victims it makes the mind boggle.

This sickie made a 'body bomb' from a disembowled corpse and blew up the victim's family when they went to retrieve it. Their Emir was the leader of the plot:

BTW - What have alleged Jewish and alleged Christian terrorists have to do with the subject of this thread?