Another Free Magazine

This one is a little more survivalist and has a little more propaganda in it, but there’s still cool stuff on gear, guns, and other shit that might appeal to some here. And again, it’s free. It’s run by the contracting company Borelli consulting.

Good stuff.

edit: Everyone should read the self defense one for women. It’s gold. It’s in two parts.
This part really stuck with me. Great advice:

Either way, hereâ??s the kicker: no matter what they
say, if you assume it indicates their intent, you may
be deluding yourself â?? and accepting what they want
you to believe. Criminals, although they may not be
logical or rational, are often not stupid. If I want to
target you for murder, I may well say to you, â??Give
me your wallet,â?? when I approach. Why? Because it
will put you in the mindset of being robbed â?? which
you may be less likely to defend against than murder â??
and youâ??ll lower your guard to the â??presetâ?? of, â??Holy,
sht! Iâ??m being robbed!â?? rather than, â??Holy, sht! This
guy is trying to kill me!â??

I think this is another great find.

Of course my dad’s a vet, and I was raised in Alaska, so take that with a grain of salt.

I can’t wait to send this link off to my family, thanks Irish!