Another fish oil question

So if I take 1 table spoon of twin lab’s Dale Alexander Emulsified Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate (EPA 1,024 mg DHA 712 mg) with my last meal of the day (fat plus protein, of course) this will cover my 6-10 grams of DHA/EPA or should I also toss in some flax oil, fish capsules, or something else at my other fat plus protein meals?

With that one teaspoon, you get less than 2 grams DHA/EPA combined. You’ll need to add more to get the recommended dose.

That depends on what else you are eating/taking. What is your nutritional profile. I tablespoon is one gram I have no idea how you get 6 out of one but I am confused by your question so I am guessing you phrased it wrong.

I didn’t mean to sound harsh it is just that I am not sure how you get 6,000mg from 1,736mg? Of course I have messed up my conversions as well before.

sorry guys that is my get education at work…i thought 100 mgs was equal to 1 gram…I apologize for my ignorance and will punish myself for wasting your time but dropping a dumbbell on my head (probably killing any remaining brain cells I may have left)

mili=(1/)1000 deci= (1/)100

how many calories are in that tbsp. of emulsifed omega3 oil? EPA is 1,024mg and DHA is 712mg so that’s at least 20 cals but most oils contain more fat don’t they? does anyone know how to figure it out?

Does anyone besides me hate these damn fish oils? i absofuckinglutely hate running around smelling like the docks in boston harbor, and breath-assure won’t fix that odor!

i am taking the costco kind. its a bitch swallowing 20 a day, but i only get the occasional fish burp. If i take all the caps right before or at the beggining of the meal i rarely get fish burps after.

how many come in the bottle, what is the price and what are the nutritional info on them?.. sorry about all the questions but I like to shop around

facts 1tbs 80cal 5gr carb, 6 gr fat, 250cholesterol, Price is about 10 bucks for 24 servings. Peace,

at 20 a-day, you get a good 6g of DHA/EPA, each capsule has 1g of fat, (not all of it is the good stuff obviously), a bottle lasts half a month (aka 300 caps). less than 10 bucks i think it was 7 or 8 bucks.

thanks guys, i plan on picking up costco’s fish oil caps and take it along with the dale alexdander (so i don’t have to swallow 20 pills)

Some tactics to reduce the “salmon recall” after taking fish oil caps: As stated before, bury them in the stomach under some food; keep them in the refridgerator (I don’t know why this works, but it does help); take them right before going to bed (of course, if you’re trying to score that might reduce your chances in that arena).

thanks everyone for your help, just one more question…is it 6-10 grams of EPA and DHA combined (Total Omega-3 Polyunsaturates) or is both EPA and DHA in the range of 6-10 grams respectfully?

Just a quick question… I’m taking UDO’s Flora Blend of oils, Do I still need to be taking the Fish oils???

guys go to and buy their fish oil caps. It’s buy 1 get 2 free. thats 1500 1 gram caps for $44.50. Each cap has 180mg epa 120mg dha. They also got a lot of other supplements. The sale ends in early september. I’ve been ordering from them for years. just thought i’d help fellow t-men cause i hate seeing people overpay. laters pk