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Another Fish Oil Question.....


I need some advice about fish oil. I have been reading that it is ok and beneficial to take up to 3g of epa/dha everyday. So I have been taking Nordic Naturals "ultimate
Omega"(gel caps) and was wondering what anyone thought of this product. I just started a couple weeks ago so I cant say one way or another but it dosent give me any after taste or fishy burbs. Here is the profile of the product I am taking:

Nordic Naturals
"ultimate Omega" gels
Serv. size: 2 soft gels
Sat fat-0.1
Vit E (d-alpha) 30 i.u.

Epa: 650mg
Dha: 450mg
Other Omega-3's 180mg
Total Omega-3's 1280mg

  Oleic acid(Omega-9) 56mg

From Purified Deep sea fish oil( From Anchovies and Sardines)

I am taking 6 caps a day which means I am taking a total of 3300mg of epa/dha total a day correct? Also that means I am taking 540mg of the "other" omega 3's whatever those are? Can someone tell me? Basically anything that anyone finds wrong with what I am doing or would be better off doing something else I am all ears. I also see that "Flameout" has the switched around and Nordic naturals do sell a seperate epa and dha product that maybe I should/could buy them seperate and make it more like Flameout if its more beneficial I dont know. Any feed back about all of this would be great. One last thing the product I take is the "NaturaL Triglycerdie form" is this good or bad? Thanks for all the help.



looks like a quality product I dont even want to know the price.

Other Omega threes are just that others aside from the very beneficial epa and DHA

Um keep doing what you are. Or get Flameout when its back. Im not understanding the question about making it more like Flameout. Reading the product thread/article will tell you the benefits of it and the specific ratios of EPA/DHA.

Its a natural form of fat thats all its really saying. making it sound uber fancy.

Think that covers it,


Hey bro thanks for replying. Ya the price would be horribly high but I am goodfriends with someone who owns a discount nutrition store so I am lucky and get a huge huge discount and leave it at that. What I meant about Flameout being different is that there is more DHA opposed to EPA. Nordic naturals is the usual higher EPA than DHA but ultra concentrated like Flameout. Is there a better benefit to having a higher DHA than EPA count like in Flameout? I realize Biotest uses that as a unique selling point being different than the rest but is there really a difference? They claim its better for men? Well I wasnt geeting shit before so what I am doing now is beeter then nothing but I want to take what will beneifit me the most so whatta think about Flameouts claims? Thanks again



I have heard conflicting information about the relative importance of EPA/DHA. I suggest you read the T-Nation spiel and read a couple articles for the other side of the argument, then decide for yourself, if it really matters to you. If you just want a fish oil with a closer profile to Flameout, and don't care to do too much hardcore research into the topic, Nordic Naturals makes a version (called "DHA") which has a much high proportion of dha to epa than the Ultimate Omega.


Ya I have been reading some about it but just wanted some fresh opinions. I guess getting some quality fishoil in your sysytem everyday is better than none and maybe I am focusing on the small things too much and should just make sure i get some quality fishoil in me everyday. I mentioned that in my first post that nordic naturals has a seperate dha and epa product they sell and like you said could take them to match flameout better. Anyways thanks for the input.