Another First Cycle Thread

All right, this is another first cycle post, but I have some questions here that I have not seen answered before.

Let me preface this by saying that I am not considering doing a cycle. I have different priorities in my life and I am simply curious to get some questions answered, however, I will be using myself as the example for this, but I am by no means interested in doing a cycle. Believe what you want.
I’m 20 years old, that’s right, and for that reason the instant response would be to wait, I’m too young to do a cycle, I should wait until I am 25. But I’m a little curious as to why.

Most people here around my age makes thread like “I’ve been training for 3 months man, i’m really skinny im gonna do dianabol only and lol what is pct?” Those people obviously don’t know what they are going into, and they should definitely not do anything.

But what if someone at the age of 20 like myself, had actually done my research? First of all, I’m 6 foot 2, and I’ve been that since I was at least 16, so why should I worry about stunted growth? Everyone is different, and in my case, I don’t think that would matter. Secondly, I get why a lot of young people get criticized because they have no clue, but let’s say that I actually have a good workout plan for my cycle, I have a good diet, good sleep, I am taking this seriously and I KNOW what I am doing. I also have a solid foundation and I have been working out.

I have a proper cycle planned, with proper PCT, theoretically, it is an ideal first cycle, so what’s the reason I couldn’t do a cycle at 20 if I had everything under control, and if I knew what I was going into?

I understand why all these uneducated bros are being told they can’t do one, but what about this scenario? If someone has bodybuilding experience, good diet, everything is well, and they have a good cycled planned with proper PCT; why can’t they do it at 20?

Again, I am not interested in doing a cycle, I used used myself as an example.
I am looking forward to hearing what all of you have to say, I’m genuinely just curious
Thanks everyone

Sorry everyone for bumping but this is a little bit weird I think…
I post this thread, and it doesn’t receive any response yet, but meanwhile, guys are going over to the kind of threads I mentioned, with newbies that don’t know anything… Is anyone going to address my points here?

Imo, there are a couple of reasons not to use at 20:

  1. As long as everything is functioning properly, your natural production of testosterone is at the highest it’s ever going to be. There’s really no need to use anything at 20 for the vast majority of people.

  2. There’s about a zero percent chance you’re even close to hitting your natural genetic potential for strength/mass gains.

  3. You aren’t fully developed at 20. You can chalk this up to things I believe, but can’t prove (at least to my knowledge), but I believe muscle, for lack of a better term, matures over time. Other’s might call it old man strength. This takes time, something a 20-year old hasn’t had enough of.

  4. You don’t know if lifting is a fad or a life-long pursuit. This boils down to a cost/benefit analysis. There is a risk to using even when the cycle is perfectly laid out. Why, at 20, would you risk long-term hormonal issues for something you may or may not stick with?

I loved baseball growing up. I started t-ball at 4, played year round starting at about 8 or 9, and continued through high school ball. Baseball has been one of the most influential things of my life. When I got out of the Marine Corps. I had the opportunity to play college ball. I had no desire to do so. I had barely touched my equipment in 4 years. I had moved on.

My point is, even if something is a passion of yours now that doesn’t mean it will always be a passion of yours. At 20 you’re more than likely too immature to know what is or is not something you’ll have a passion for long-term. So, again, why would you chance fucking yourself up for something you may or may not care for 5 years down the road?

Bottom line, imo, it’s more of a philosophical question than anything else. Can you safely use at 20 and make gains faster than you would naturally? Yes, obviously. Should you? That’s the real question and I think why so many people frown upon it.


Hands down the best answer you can get to your question, OP. Spot on.

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Absolutely agree with you. Thanks a lot for the reply.