Another First Cycle Thread

Hey guys, I was going to run 600mg of test e for 10 weeks with adex starting a week before at .25mg ed til 2 weeks after last pin. PCT is nolva 40/40/20/20. I guess my real question is how valuable would adding 250iu’s of HCG be weeks 3-10? Also my training time is very limited due to my work schedule so would adding a fifth training day (prolly squats) be a good idea to take advantage of the quicker recovery? Thanks in in advance.

If you can get away with the extra training, now is certainly the time to do it.

Hcg is not necessary, but you certainly won’t regret using it, it keeps your nuts swangin’ low and it prompts a faster recover. I did one cycle without and it will be my only one without.

Also I’m not certain that the AI a week before would be necessary or ideal.

Thanks for the advice. I will go ahead and get some HCG too then. I guess I had just read somewhere that adex takes a week or so to stabilize in the blood or something like that. If it is unnecessary I will refrain from such action.

You are correct in that, but it will also take some time for the long ester test to release into your body, you don’t want high estrogen levels but its not good to tank them either.

That makes sense. I am assuming you probably would start it early if you were to use say test prop correct?

I have only used prop recently as I like short esters, but enanthate is actually cheaper so I think in the future I will begin and end with prop but use enan in the middle.

Either way, I begin AI usage day of first shot, that week or so it takes for arimidex to stabilize never bothers me.

Test of any ester is going to take some time become active, and more time to accumulate estrogen through aromatisation, day of works for me and I don’t really evaluate it much.

The only reason I ever regard that initial week is when someone says “oh my I took some arimidex but stopped cuz I felt shitty.” or something like that.

Fair enough. I still have a training log so I will post my results there (not that you or anyone else would particularly care). Thanks again.

I care :slight_smile:

Not sure if sarcasm as my meter is broken but I will take it.

Little of both. But honestly I think your physique resembles mine and I’m interested to see what happens when you go on a cycle

You mean you are fat and unathletic looking? Yay! I am not the only one!

haha and the same age

Forgot to give link to my log if anyone cared to see how it goes.

I will give you my personal experience to answer your HCG question. My 1st cycle was test E 600mg/Week for 12 weeks. I used HCG on cycle. My method of use was similar to the swale protocol. I used Approx. 100iu ed for 5 weeks starting in week 1, and took two weeks off, then used the HCG the last five weeks. I discontinued the HCG and the test at the same time, and started my PCT 14 days after last pin of test and HCG. I followed the same HCG protocol during my second cycle (12 weeks test e 600mg/Wk with D-Bol 40mg/ed for the 1st 4 weeks) and had good results both times. I noticed minimal shrinkage and felt like it really helped once I came off; like a smooth transition into my PCT. I have done much research on HCG use and Protocols and have come to my own conclusion that it should be used on cycle, but only as needed. Only using the minimal dose to get the desired effect and then taking a week or two off from use to prevent possibly desensitizing. Now the way I chose to pin was by an everyday low dose to theoretically mimic the bodies daily LH secretion. Now I’ve heard of others simply pinning twice a week, about 250iu-500iu each time. I don’t mind pinning and have a ridiculous amount of pins so ed is what I do. Some don’t use HCG at all, and say it is not needed for a first cycle anyway. I have only completed 2 cycles and am currently planning my 3rd, so I cannot argue with more experienced users; however I can personally say that after using HCG on my first 2 cycles I will continue to use it. I only do 1 cycle per year and follow a strict time on time off approach, so the on cycle HCG use does not seem abusive in my opinion, and its not very expensive so why not use it. Thats my experience and thoughts on HCG use.