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Another First Cycle Thread


Height: 5'8
Age: 23
Years training: 5
Body fat: 6 maybe 7%
Diet: Eat as much as I can
Goal: 170-180, 6-7% bf

Planned cycle:

test prop Wk 1-3 100mg eod ( maybe at the end too)
test E Wk 1-12 400mg once a week

PCT: hcgen, n2guard, formastanazol, Unleashed, post cycle, bridge

Hey guys this will be my first cycle, let me know what you think and what you would change based on my stats. I've got a couple questions also.

  • will test boost your appetite? Eating a lot has always been really hard (and gaining weight in general) for me so I'm hoping it will. And if not is there anything that will?

  • I heard that the PCT I wrote is the best. But that seems like a lot of stuff, is all of that really necessary? Also based on my stats how much would I take, when and for how long? I've heard A LOT of different doses and time frames. I'm not looking to get spoon fed but it seems like the doses I've seen are for 200lb+ beasts.

  • I'm currently training with the max-ot system. I'm thinking that since test decreases recovery time I could double up and work two muscle groups a day six days a week. Am I right?

I'm looking for constructive criticism so if you don't like something that I've said please please please give a reason and a SOLUTION.
Thanks in advance for your help.


The cycle is okay, the PCT is garbage. Get a SERM, preferably Nolvadex. Those OTC products are going to be far more expensive and far less effective. You can buy SERMs in liquid form legally off the internet, google up research chemicals. 40/40/20/20 is the standard dosing protocol (mg per week).

Test E should be shot twice a week.

You need an AI while on cycle, arimidex or letrozole. You can also buy these online as research chemicals.

GHRP-6 is known for massive boosts in appetite.

I don't know what max-ot is, but you can and should up the volume while on cycle. I think Bonez recommends 30% more.


awesome, thanks for the help.