Another First Cycle Thread

Here goes, 27 years old, 5’9", 230lbs, not sure on bf% prob about 16% (but I will have it checked before I start). Been training off and on since 15years old, with a couple breaks in there. Goal for my first cycle is strength and size without an increase in bf% or at least a minimal increase. Been doing WS4SB for a while up til the last two months because of a pulled bicep. I’m no longer having pain with the light work I have been doing and my lifts are back up to where they were before. So training while on will be WS4SB. Diet will be 5000-6000 on workout days and 3500-4500 on non workout days (1000 calorie variance because of my schedule and ability to get meals in, not ideal but that’s my life)

Currently my estimated maxes are (will test to make sure, not starting for a week or two):
Squat- 455
Bench- 345
Dead- 535 not sure on this because of the bicep thing but this is what I was pulling before
Seated military to clavicle- 245

Cycle proposal:
W 1-4 DBol 50mg/D
W 1-10 Test Cyp 300mg Mon/ Fri (have T400 cyp using .75ml per injection)
W 1-14 Adex 0.25mg ED (tapered in last 2 weeks to EOD or 0.125mg ED, I have the liquid)
W 12-13 Nolva 50mg/D
W 14-15 Nolva 50mg/EOD (Home brew nolva best I can get at the moment)

Thought about shortening the cycle to 8 weeks and wasn’t sure if I could start PCT any sooner with cyp. Also, since I am kickstarting with Dbol, is there a need to frontload? I was planning to front 800mg but decided to go ahead with the Dbol.

Thanks for the replies.

I think long esters should always be frontloaded. Regardless of an oral or short ester kickstart. Get the blood levels up as fast as possible,

Week 12 is only 1 week after week 10. PCT should start 2 weeks after the last injection.

Gotcha, I’ll go ahead and frontload and start PCT on week 13.