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Another First Cycle Noob Asking for Your Opinion


I’ve been lurking this place for a while now (as well as other forums but most others seem to be pretty meh)

I’m just another guy asking for opinions. I known it doesn’t matter what others opinions are, but input from another source is helpful in any situation and I’ve been on the edge about this for months.

Currently 20, in college, and enjoying solid gains since I was 14 (serious lifting since around 16). I’ve bounced around with my body a bit and trained for strength and also bodybuilding. I used to be a fat 230lb linemen caring about nothing but strength, but then I started bandwagoning a lot of Bradley Martyn stuff. Went through a cut, got to a leaning 205, dirty bulked with a mass style program, cut again to 190 at a bad low enough to be vascular and have visible abs (sorry I never tracked a %)

Bulking again and Currently sitting at: 6’ 218lbs
Bench: 335
Squat: 415
Deadlift: 495
Calorie intake: 33-3500 roughly each day. Generic 40/40/20 that has worked well for me.

I’ve been at those stats since I got back up to 210. Over 5 months now I have had no gains and have switched the training up a few different ways with no improvement, even though I’ve had a steady gain in body weight. Training 6 days, 2-3 hours daily (Moderate intensity, mostly super sets.) I know some nattybros preach it as overtraining but I enjoy my time in the gym and will accept the consequences if there are any for being there so long.

Now with my life gains story out of the way: I’m looking for more. I’ve studied this as if it’s a college class but am still no expert, but I feel ready enough to try a cycle. I have the steps all laid out in my head and memorized from purchase to pct. My plan was Test E 12 weeks with the appropriate pct and extra Nolva for any symptoms throughout (pretty much what was in the beginners guide that’s in the top of all time on this board).

Ideally I’d start it in a month when I go to winter break and can focus on meals and working out for 5 weeks perfectly and make a habit of the extra work.

Finally, I noticed so many people here starting out are just 160, 170, 180 lbs or so and only pushing half of their natural potential. I have not seen ANY progress or before/after results from a guy my size starting with test E. Maybe a couple of roughly written entries from 200lb guys. My question then is: Is a simple Test E cycle around 400mg weekly worth my time and money for a first time around? And I know I’m young, but I’m not going to have a better opportunity than now to utilize a lot of free time and a great facility for working out. And fuck it I just want to be big. Any legitimate relies appreciated!! Sorry for the long post! Thankyou!

Hell yea itl be worth it. First timer and if if if u eat right and lift enough ul blow up. Fuck it do it lol. Just have pct ready and when u go thru the weeks afterwards of low test and u feel like a ak bitch just keep liftn and eatn and ul be fine. U wwill loose some size cuz the water retention but yea fuck it… ont forget ur ai