Another f'in protein debate

I just got the new issue of muscular development (january 2002 issue, the best swimsuit issue i’ve seen yet by the way)But anyway Steve Blechman writes MD’S AMZIN HOLIDAY FAT LOSS article. He says that whey is the best protein when on calorie restriction because it improves muscle performace and lowers BF. What the f gives!!! what the F’!! am i supposed to belive, any opinions are much obliged. Also check out the supplement performance article. It’s such a F’in joke one of the authors is a monthly contributor to muscle&fitness (i gave up anything that weider publishes or express a long time ago)

Big: While there are so many conflicting articles, debates on this topic, protein really doesn’t need to be that complicated. Consider a blend like the protein found in AP to be a good solid choice no matter what your fitness goals. Another good read on the topic is Protein 101 at intensity magazine.

Obviously, a mix of different proteins is your best bet (meat, diary, vegetable and protein powders). If you want to get into specific proteins, I would think that casein would be a better protein for weight loss because it absorbs slowly and is longer lasting in the body. But I wouldn’t be too concerned about which protein is best, I would just try to get an adequate amount from various sources.

I’ve read about several studies where casein was superior to whey for fat loss b/c its a slower protein, doesn’t go through your system as fast therefore helps preserve more muscle. I think if you are going to use a protein supplement, it won’t make that huge a difference, but a blend of the 2 would probably be ideal. The main reason for his recommendation is that he is trying to sell his companies protein powder, I believe the magazine is affiliated with Twinlab and they just came out with another whey protein MRP. Anyway, you want the best protein, ask Dr. Serrano, along with many bodybuilders, and they’ll tell you Red Meat and Eggs. Salmon is also good, as well as any game meat, hands down these are the best sources to build muscle, and preserve while dieting.