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Another Female Sex Offender



I know we've hashed this idea to death, but you would have to agree that when the victim is only 8 YEARS OLD, your criminal is sick, is twisted, and needs to be removed from society.

I mean the idea of a 30 yr old women telling an 8 yr she "wants him."



It just goes to show you that even women, who, overall, usually act better than men, are losing their minds. The world is spinning out of control.


Going to disagree with you on one point. It's not that women act better, its that they're sneakier and get caught less often.


sick sick sick


danreeves1973, you're avatar is hysterically funny. I laugh every time I see it.


Thank you. Can't claim credit for it, found it on some index site last week.


When I was 8 seriously I wished for the day I was kidnapped by a big tittied blond


Most guys say that, and you get the image in your mind of it being some hot older chick seducing you.

I work with sex offenders and was recently searching our states registry trying to locate on form the past I'd handled. Saw several females listed and checked out their details. None would be what you cosnider hot.

Fugly would be more accurate.


Well, decide for yourself...


I agree, this one and the past one with the 13 or was it 15 year old are both chicks I would... "nail the crap out of" so to speak. I mean the only stupidity here is that she could have gone to any bar wearing skimpy clothes and acting promiscuose and gotten pounded by as many guys as she wanted. I mean wouldn't an 8 year old weiner be a little underdeveloped yet?



I'm waiting for all the ultra liberal wonder boys to hop on this thread and talk about what a great opportunity this is for a boy.

Truth is it's a very disturbing story and speaks to how low some people will go to satisfy their lusts.

I'm not stating that this is a sign of the times as I have no idea. I do wonder how many times this sort of thing happened 30 years ago. No doubt it happened, but I wonder if it was to this extent.


It's all relative...


Is it a matter of she can't get any other guy because she's a hag or is it about control? Often sex offenders do what they do because they feel it gives them power over someone. Most of these women are teachers. Who has more power over a kid than a tacher, think about it.

I think the double standard wil always be there, but at the same time if it was my son, i'd be hunting someone down.

And Chuck Norris would help me.


Christ Zeb, I don't know any liberals who would approve of this conduct.


Not yet...the thread is still young :slight_smile:


jesus, here we go again....


I'm all for getting an education from an older woman, but that is just fucked up. I seriously can't imagine how someone could look at an 8 year old and think "I'd hit it".


I approve.


That is unless they voted for Bill BJ Clinton, then well, it would be understandable! Right!


Way to go ZEB, now I can't to chins anymore.