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Another Feedback On Cycle Request


Hi all. I'm trying to do alot of research before I start a cycle. I haven't done a cycle since I played college football years ago. Then I was just basically taking whatever I could get my grubby hands on. I freely admit that times have changed and that things have evolved since I last cycled. I am considering this post as part of doing my homework.

One area that I lack knowledge on are substitutes for HCG and for Nolvadex. Those were the only two that I heard about "back in the day".

As I posted recently, I am a gastric by pass patient and recently dropped 120 lbs. Protein consumption is hard for me since my stomach is so small. Any ideas?

Well, here is my "proposed" cycle that a friend helped me create. Feel free to give me constructive criticism.

HGH 2IU ED (wk 1-12) thats all my doc will prescribe

Clen 2 Tabs (2 wks on 2 wks off, etc...) I'm told it's better to go off and on like that? Is that true? I still am trying to lose bodyfat as well.

Anadrol 100 mg ed (wk 1-6)
Sustanon 750 ml ew (wk 1-6)
Dbol 40 mg ed (wk 7-12)
Deca 500 ml ew (wk 7-12)

??????nolvadex 20 mg ed (wk 5-12???)

I've been working out like mad for the past 6 months and just haven't seen the gains that I would like to see. I've put off the urge to juice and now I feel like I need to take that step.

Any thoughts, your opinions are greatly appreciated?


So lets have a look:
Anadrol 100 mg ed (wk 1-6)
Sustanon 750 ml ew (wk 1-6)
Dbol 40 mg ed (wk 7-12)
Deca 500 ml ew (wk 7-12)

You don't like your kidneys or liver, judging from your excessive use of orals.... Cut the dose in half for both of them and take them both for shorter durations.
Your poorly timed combo of sust and deca is going to shut you down before your half way through with your sust and keep you shut down till atleast 2 months past your last shot of deca....Drop the sust and pic up some Test E to run at 500mg ew for weeks 1-12. As for the deca run it starting week 1 at 1gram, week 2 750mg, weeks 3-9 500mg.
Then 2 weeks after your last shot of test start your PCT. If you don't know what that is or don't have the proper drugs for it then do not start your cycle.
My thoughts.


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I agree with everyone else on this, and would recommend you take their advise....
I also would not bother with the clen while you are using GH along with a cycle that could achieve both lean muscle and fat reduction....Thats just my opinion! but hey to each his own...

As far as your protein problem you could always get additional protein by using a high quaility protein powder to supplement what solid protein you can manage to eat, just drink them through out the day between meals...
Good Luck


DA -

Why do you advise him to stair-step the deca? IS that like a modified front load?

Just curious.


RJ- I believe it is a slight frontload...

Also why A-50 at all? especially while trying to lose fat...This cycle needs to be re-thought because allot of the stuff you are using is going to counter your fat loss goals or at least obscure them with water wieght...



this is what i would suggest as a cycle:

Week 1-10: Deca-300 mg/wk
Week 1-11: Equipoise-300 mg/wk
Week 1-12: Test Prop-400 mg/wk
Week 1-13: Proviron-25 mg/day
Week 13-16: Clomid-50 mg/day

*plus your daily dose of HGH at 2 IU/day

the Deca should work synergistially with the HGH in reference to IGF-1 levels. however, Nolvadex prevents this, so that would prolly be avoided as an anit-e...

ya gotta get plenty of protein for s cycle to work well (at least 1-1.5 gms/bdwt), so protein shakes are gonna have to be your friend.

hope this helps ya....anyone else?


Thanks for all the feedback. It seems like the first thing I need to do is kick my buddies ass for suggesting all the orals. He said he got it out of Anabolic 2005? He told me that those orals and injectibles work well with each other. From what I've been reading I would think they do too. I guess just not all in one cycle eh?

You guys rock and I am grateful for having this forum to run ideas by. Every day I learn something new. OK, enough ass kissing. Ha Ha

I won't start a cycle without having everything that I need first and I will definitely run it by you guys to make sure that I'm doing it right.

I thank you all in advance for your guidance.


wolfen, some good advice has been given, and if i'm understanding you right, you're wanting to add quality lbm along w/ dropping bodyfat...w/ goals as stated, here's what i'd run:
wk1-750mg test enan, 800mg eq
wk2-500mg test, 600mg eq
wk3-9:250mg test, 400mg eq
wk10-250mg test
wk11,12-clenbuterol in ramped fashion
wk12-start pct
good luck