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Another Fallen Heavyweight Prospect

Last night, Wladamir Klitschko was knocked down 4 times in the first 2 rounds,in which they called it after the last knockdown. To anyone that doesn’t know Wladamir, he was considered to be the next heavyweight champion and was ranked as the 2nd highest heavyweight by many people. I hope he can recover but it might be a hard road for him to get a title shot now. I just wish someone would step up and spicen up the heavy weight division. Roy Jones put a little excitement into it but I don’t think he can challenge Lennox. Any thoughts.

I can’t beleive Klitchko lost to that bum! On a side note, it’s funny how boxing reminds me of bodybuilding. Seems like with both sports, the qualtity and personality has gone downhill. How I would love to see a reincarnation of Swarzennegar, Zane, Draper, Franco, Oliva, Labrada or Sugar Ray Leonard, Haglar, Foreman, Duran, Pazienza. I think the super, huge amounts a dough involved with the sports is a cause of this.

That fight was hilarious! Klitchko got BENT OVER by a flabby-ass dude who’s old enough to be my father. I don’t think Klitschko landed a single punch.

Perfect example of the “punchers chance”.

He got careless and got caught. He wil be back though.

Remember Rahman-Lewis?

Quality and personality within the heavyweight ranks of boxing is lacking. I would say that the welters, lightweight and featherweight classes are pretty exciting.
As for Klitschko, as Ko said, he’ll be back. I wouldn’t doubt that a rematch is in the future, where he’ll avenge this lost with a bonafide win.

It was kind of funny. I always thought Wlady was a little careless. Hopefully he learned something and will be able to move on.

Just shows you how crappy the heavyweight division is right now. It doesn’t appear as if there is any hope in the near future either. Sort of reminds me of how it was back when Tyson stepped on the scene.

Iron Mike Tyson looks good still… I hope he can last! And not fuck up again… I think he can handle his owen in the ring. Eventhough he’s a little out there.

I hope he got his act together finally…

loopfit, you forgot a couple of obvious ones: Ali and Frazier.

Not only were the fights between them incredible battles, but Ali was so unique in that one moment you could hate his guts, and the next cheer him on as he beat the hell out of an opponent.

Just don’t see those types of personalities anymore. Just freak shows like the seriously insane Mike Tyson.

To Fitone:

Tyson might be able to hold his own against lesser opponents but I don’t think he is a match for Lennox. Even though others have doubts of Lennox, I still think he is the best heavyweight in the last 25 years

I can’t wait for the Tua-Rahman rematch. The first one was the most entertaining fight I’ve ever seen.

JasonL I do agree w/ you there would love to see a younger Tyson fight Lennox. Oh well. By the way Don King destoryed boxing on a side note!!!

Mamann, Ali-Frasier was left out? Stupid-me! Speaking of great rivalries: Hearns-Leonard. Talk about awesome display of speed and skill!

Klitchsko looked scared as hell the other night, almost like he’s never taken a punch before (which basically he hasnt, seeing he had never fought anyone with excellent punching strength). You could tell by the way he came into the ring he wasnt taking Sanders seriously. Too bad - I liked Wlad, but he got his ass handed to him by an average and aging heavyweight who has fought three rounds in the past 3 1/2 years. His brother Vitali is a punk though, threatening Sanders right after the fight. Just for that I hope he gets punked too. On a side note, imagine Wladimir taking a Mike Tyson shot - he’d be out like a light.

This just goes to show what i have known for sometime now. Most of the people on this site probably train harder then the pro athletes we watch on TV.

The ugly truth is most athletes are lazy.

SAS= Satisfied Athletes Suck!

Just a quick comment on the “Don King destroyed boxing” train of thought that tends to get thrown around alot.

No, like every other sport, money ruined boxing. And I say this as a long time boxing fan who started going to fights at 8 years old to watch Larry Holmes fight.


  1. PPV/Showtime/HBO contracts.

When was the last time you saw a championship fight on regular t.v.? People don’t follow sports they don’t have a chance to watch. Once every four years, you get to see the up-and-commers at the Olympics, they dissapear for a few years to rack up 20 wins against nobodies, then they start fighting on undercards that are shown on cable or PPV. If you’re lucky you might see one or two fights on Friday Night Fights - again, on a cable station - ESPN.

  1. Less fights = less talent.

Could you imagine if Michael Jordan played 3 or 4 basketball games a year?
Would his skill level have ever reached what it did? No. So why should it be different for boxers? There’s more to fighting than throwing a few jabs and uppercuts. Look at a guy like Willie Pep. One of the greatest featherweights of all time. His record - 230-11-1 (65 KOs). You don’t fight 242 fights by fighting 3 times a year. You get that many by fighting 2 or 3 times a month. Fight that often and you develop ring skills that the Trinidads, De La Hoyas and Lewises will never have.

But why fight more than that if you’re making $4-20 million a fight?

So year after year the product on display becomes more and more inferior.

So big money = crappy product and no place to even showcase it. And, at the end of the day, I get more excited about watching HBO’s great fights series than I do about watching todays fights.

Weapon X: Good points. But I have some good news for you: I believe I recently read where NBC Sports will again start televising boxing for regular TV.

I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard while watching a fight. He got his ass beaten inside out. I think that the funniest part was Klitchko’s brother coming right out and challenging the porky dude to a rematch to regain the family’s honor…