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Another Eye Opener



I like this one better:) Do you and John S take turns :slight_smile:


I was wondering the same thing. It's like they're having a link-off.


yep. The Fed is we-tah-dud. Ron Paul knows this. I know this. Now you know this.

by the way, ZEITGEIST is marvelous, if only for its great marketing and appeal to our senses. They could have said my mom is a robot, gave a short little spiel, and I would have believed it.

but check the sources, champ.


I do check sources. But truth can come from any source. It's the message that's important rather then the messenger, Champ.

There are two kinds of people in this world. Meat eaters and plant eaters. Meat eaters see this for what it is. Plant eaters are like......Borrek.