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Lita Lee is another PhD in biochemistry-like Ray Peat- who has taken an interest in nutrition. She cites Ray Peat quite a bit and one can find many shared ideas between the two. However, her writing is much clearer than Peat:

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Fruit Juice, Not Vegetable Juice

This article emphasizes orange juice. Organic oranges are the easiest to find among all of the organic fruits. I do not recommend grapefruit juice because it increases estrogen.

I am writing this article because so many of my clients have told me that their health care provider told them NOT to eat fruit or to drink fruit juices because:

?They have yeast overgrowth (candidiasis) and fruit juices are not good if you have this;
? Fruit juices are fattening carbohydrates and if you want to lose weight you cannot drink fruit juices;
? Fruit juices are too high in sugar.

All of the above statements are wrong. First, the natural sugars in fruit juices have nothing to do with candidiasis and the majority of people who believe they have candidiasis have, instead, very poor digestion. Digestive disorders have identical symptoms with candidiasis.

Second, fruit juices are not fattening. In fact, a cup of orange juice with a pinch of sea salt will support normalized blood sugar, which will lower your adrenalin and support normal response in heart disease, hypertension and panic attacks.

Third, the sugars in fruit juices are part of the mother plant and are very different from the refined sugars in candy bars, commercial desserts, sodas, etc.

Here are the benefits of citrus, in particular orange juice:
Notes from Dr. Raymond Peat
?The effects on insulin are part of the reason I recommend orange juice; I used to recommend grapefruit, because the mineral content is a little higher than in oranges, until I learned that grapefruit increases your estrogen.

There have been several publications in the last few years on grapefruit juice and estrogen; the estrogen-promoting flavonoids are commonly about ten times higher in grapefruit than in oranges. I suspect that there are more toxic flavonoids than antitoxic flavonoids.

Even Szent-Gyorgyi, who started the idea that they had vitamin status, a year later changed his opinion on that.?

?Just the sucrose, displacing starches, will help to prevent obesity, but the minerals are very important; for diabetics, too, citrus helps reduce the need for insulin.?

His answer to lemon juice: ?Lemons are so sour that no one is likely to drink the juice by the pint.?

Another added benefit of fruit and fruit juices is that, unlike vegetable and vegetable juices, fruit and fruit juices do not contain the toxic omega-3 and omega-6 oils (unsaturated fatty acids).

Fruits and fruit juices are high in salicylic acid, which is part of the aspirin molecule. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Peat?s article on aspirin (see October 2003, To Your Health, ?Aspirin, It?s For More Than Just Pain?) and Ray Peat?s Newsletter, ?Aspirin, Brain and Cancer,? January 2003.

Salicylic acid is protective to the stomach and the intestines and other organs. Salicylic acid protects against the damage done by other drugs. Aspirin, (the salicylic acid moiety) is similar to progesterone in many of its effects, as you will see in the summary below.

? Believed to be an inhibitor of prostaglandin synthesis by inhibiting the cyclooxygenase (COX) enzymes that form prostaglandins (inflammatory substances) but this is only part of its effect. Sometimes its effect is the opposite of other prostaglandin inhibitors.

It is the acetyl radical from aspirin that inactivates the COX enzymes. The other beneficial effects listed below are due to the salicylic acid part of aspirin:

? Protects against the harmful effects of estrogen, prolactin, serotonin, cortisol, histamine and radiation
? Reduces blood clotting, but can decrease excessive menstrual bleeding
? Protects the stomach against damage done by other common anti-inflammatory drugs. Repeated use protects the stomach against very strong irritants
? Inhibits abnormal cell division (cancer, psoriasis), but promotes normal cell division in the skin
? Inhibits vascular proliferation and thus is anti-metastatic (reduces the spread of cancer)
? In many studies, it slows or regresses tumor growth
? Protects against many systemic consequences of cancer, such as wasting (cachexia), immunosuppression and strokes
? Inhibits interleukin 6 and other inflammatory cytokines, which are factors in heart disease, breast and liver cancer
? Protects the brain and can improve learning while preventing excitotoxic (seizure) nerve injury
? Protects against several kinds of toxins involved in brain degeneration
? As an antioxidant, prevents premature birth and birth defects caused by diabetes, preeclampsia (toxemia of pregnancy), and exposure to alcohol
? Provides nutritional protection against neural tube defects and many of the gestational problems associated with lupus
? Protects against lipid peroxidation (of unsaturated fatty acids to toxic substances)
? Elevates ATP levels in brain neurons and brain mitochondria and thus stimulates mitochondrial respiration
? Protects against many forms of shock and stress, and corrects imbalances in the nervous system
? Protects against radiation (ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma rays)
? Decreases estrogen production by inhibiting the release of free fatty acids and prostaglandin synthesis, both of which stimulate the aromatase enzymes that synthesize estrogen
? Like progesterone or vitamin E, can improve fertility by suppressing a prostaglandin and improving uterine circulation
? Prevents certain kinds of blindness

I often juice 1 grapefruit and several oranges, throw in 2 tbsp of psyllium into my water bottle and shake it up and drink.

I don’t have it too often so I don’t think the grapefruit is a huge deal, but I sometimes throw in a lemon or lime as well and have this with a meal.

I’m liking the information lately, entheogens.

I personally don’t think people need to be drinking fruit juice (those that need to lose weight). Eat the damn fruit, unless you’re a healhty lean individual.
You’ll get fiber along with a lot less sugar.

Too many people are over loading their taste buds all day with sugary shit that they hate the taste of water.

enthe- it looks like you’ve been drinking a lot of juice, lol.

you look like you’ve gained 50 lbs since your last avatar, what’s up?

vegetable juices are high in toxic omega-3s? LOL, dude, seriously! This crap gets old

yeah, obviously a grapefruit here and there isn’t going to cause estrogen problems…It’s just if you are drinking the juice regularly.