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Another Example of Racist Democrats


So when is the left going to come out and condem these actions?


Not saying all democrats are racist, just saying there are racist democrats before anyone gets the idea I am saying all democrats are racist.



It's all ok. People know who the real racists of 2010 are. I wonder where his white girlfriend is?


The left are such a tollerable breed


this video is racist !


No shit there are racist democrats. Are you retarded?

There is no shortage of idiots anywhere.


People like that need to be lined up and shot.

No, not because he's black. But because he's an idiot.


Um, perhaps you could tell that to the self rightous jackasses who like to paint everyone in the tea party as racist for the acts of a few, just providing examples that one should remove the plank from their own eye before they attempt to remove the sliver from the other persons eye.

So, you mad brah?


Hah, you wish. Where did I call everyone in the tea party racist, brah?


He didn't, he asked that you come in and make similar comments when the lefties post threads about the tea party being racist. Brah. Less you be filed in our brains as "hypocrite" and be deemen ignorable. Brah. You want that? Brah?



The Tea Party is racist. Why even deny it?


This back-and-forth about whether or not some person holding a certain political ideology is racist or not has been simply amazing to me...

To the point...liberal groups have racist and "hired goons" (like shown above)...

Conservative groups have racist and "hired goons".

The GOP has racist and goons within its ranks...

The DEMS have racist and goons within their ranks...



yay common sense.

no one is perfect, hence no group of imperfect people can be perfect.


sorry, but where are the racist democrats in this video???


To Mufasa the point is not that there are some few ignorant fools in each side which they are, the point is the double standard set towards the Conservative side. If this was a white fool speaking this shit out of his mouth we can both agree at how it would be played across the liberal media and you know Im right.
This black guy was acting a fool and it looked to me like the cops where scared to make a move. By the way im also a minority.


So..."Fox News" reported this?

If not, why not?

Was this at an official rally for this politician (whom I know NOTHING about)...and did his campaign acknowledge that this guy was acting in an official capacity?

What made this bastard a DEM or a Liberal...and not some shit being paid 20 bucks and a 40 to act a fool...or perhaps even act a fool all by himself?

And the "MSM" and its influence has already been discussed ad nauseum on this Forum. People will either believe that it exist or it doesn't.



Racism exists among all parties, there are shitty examples of this time and time again.


Exactly my point, Max.



Racism is boring.

Everyone who simply must hate someone and does not come up with a better reason is far to predictable and repetitive.


The raging black man makes a reference to periello, who is a dem who ran for congress. This man says obama and periello run this mother f!@$%. He then calls a black person who is with theese white people a sellout and a house nigg@^. I think that should answer your question.


lol at house nigga