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Another Example / Islamic Tolerence



I mean can they get any more fucking stupid and petty.



Crisis of Islamic Proportions

Even though it portrays him in a positive light, this non-political (as seen by the use of color) cartoon of Mohammed encourages idolatry and has therefore condemned the nation of Denmark and all its Danishes to HellIn early 2006, the Islamic World was turned on its hallowed, pious ear when the country of Denmark violated shar'ia law and printed twelve political cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed doing wacky things in September of 2005, depite the troublesome fact that Denmark is not ruled by Islamic (shar'ia) law.

Millions upon millions of Muslims gnashed their teeth, hurled rocks and smashed Danishes in response to the cartoons, which were regarded as poorly drawn and not nearly as funny as the regular anti-Semitic political cartoons enjoyed by many in the Middle East. Green grocer Ahmed as-Samdi had the following to say as he stomped the life out of a prune danish:

"When I read Hamid's [comic strip] The Dirty Lying Jew, I laugh, because he truly knows how the Jew is dirty and lying, especially about the farce they call 'the Holocaust.' When these Danishes print poorly-drawn cartoons of the Prophet, Allah bless him, they insult Muslims everywhere by not being Muslim."

As of early February, over seven people and thousands of Danishes have been killed or smooshed because of rioting associated with the cartoons. One can only wonder how much shit will hit the fan when Muslims realize there is, in fact, a political cartoon/comic strip Mohammed and Pals, which shows the Prophet doing humorous, mortifying things week in and week out with his "pals" Jesus, Siddartha Gautma and Moses.

Noted Dr. Karl Rothenfield, professor of Religious Study at Northern Virginia Community College:

"As a major world religion, Islam is roughly 600 years behind Christianity and thousands of years behind Judaism and Hinduism. So, we have at least that much time to go before Islam develops a sense of humor about itself, which it clearly does not have at this moment."


According to Article 39 of the Constitution of Bangladesh, freedom of the press and the right of every citizen to freedom of speech and expression are guaranteed, but subject to "reasonable restrictions" that include matters relating to state security and international relations, public order, decency and morality.

Looks like a legal loophole that enables the authorities to persecute anyone that disagrees with them. In fact, Banghi journalists are threatened and tortured on a regular basis.

Why do you bring up religion in a purely legal case? I'm gonna go with ignorance. In real life, you probably are one of those who can't even locate Bangladesh on a map (or name its capital, currency, etc...)


Getting arrested for blaspheming Islam is purely a legal matter? Ok then. Burn him at the stake!


"As a major world religion, Islam is roughly 600 years behind Christianity and thousands of years behind Judaism and Hinduism. So, we have at least that much time to go before Islam develops a sense of humor about itself, which it clearly does not have at this moment."

My point exactly. Doesn't justify it, it just shows that it is not because it is Islam. Had Christianity and Islam switched places entirely, we'd be in the same or near to the same situation today.


Fortunately we don't have to deel with Christians from the 1400's today.


Mohamed would be damned if he were going to allow a bunch of Jews to hand him over to be tortured and killed.


Not my point, but I lol'd :slight_smile:

I meant if Islam had started earlier and become the dominant force, and the Middle East had continued as the economic/intellectual center of the world. We'd be dealing with retarded Christians seeking Holy Wars incited by the Pope and Clergy ect...

It's not the religion which is bad, it is the few people who pervert the teachings who are bad.

And yes, dealing with 1400's Christians today would suck immensely. But I still wouldn't blame Christianity. I'd blame the evil of a few human's nature, as I do in the case of Islam.


If Mohammed were alive today, you would only see him on "To Catch A Predator"


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You continually get stuck in this idea of religious determinism - that all religions are qualitatively the same and that, over time, they all run the same course through history.

That couldn't be farther from the truth - religions can't have an "apples to apples" comparison. Their histories, philosophies, cultural attachments, and allegories are too different for your narrow approach.


You do if Joseph Kony and his followers catch you.


Islam and Christianity are ridiculously similar. I can see how this kind of thinking could apply to, say, two totally different religions like Hinduism and Judaism, but Christianity and Islam are both religions of the book.

They both believe in One True God, and they both have incredibly similar values. They've both gone through periods of conquest and horrible atrocities. They both have major glaring faults, including the fact that they allow asshats to interpret passages in ways that allow them around the base morals of God.

Their allegories are very similar as well, as are their philosophies and histories, especially when compared with non-of the book religions.

Muhammad was great man, just as Jesus was a great man.

I honestly believe that had Christianity developed where Islam has developed today and vice versa, little would have changed. I think the so called differences in philosophy are insignificant when you take into account personal interpretation, interpretation by the clergy, cultural influences ect...

Think about how many people in the West believe covering one's face as a woman is a Muslim thing, when it is in fact a holdover from Persian culture. Couldn't we easily say the idea of the Clergy itself exists outside of Christianity? That the acts of the Clergy in the Dark Ages were basically independent of the true core of the religion? I don't believe Jesus nor Muhammad would approve of what their religions have become.

Or maybe I haven't read enough. /shrug/

If you honestly believe the Middle East wouldn't be as fucked up if they randomly decided to convert to Christianity, please, do tell how that would be.


You display a common western misconception about Islam, ie. Bin laden etc. are practicing their religion wrong or have perverted it. They are merely following the example Muhammad set. The people who have it wrong are the ones who say that Bin Laden has it wrong.

If things were reversed as you suggest, things would not be the same, Muhammad and Jesus were two very different people. Muhammad was a killer. Jesus never killed anyone. Two people could not be any more different.

While 15th century Christians might not have been much fun to be around the same cannot be said about Jesus or first, second, third, century Christians.


There are some fucked up Christians running around. Lets not delude ourselves.


You have got to be kidding. Muhammad and Jesus were two very different people.

Jesus put an end to stoning because he was compassionate.

Muhammad brought stoning back because he had no compassion.

The flaws that are in Christianity today come from the Romans when they took the religion over in the third century. There is a reason why we have the term early Christians. Because before the Romans took over the religion in the third Century it was somewhat different.

In early Christianity the Romans would take Christians and kill them in the coloseum. Because these people were murdered for their beliefs they are considered to be Christian martyrs.

In Islam on the other hand a martyr is someone who murders someone else for not being a Muslim.

In Christianity if someone from another religion becomes a Christian they are called a convert. In Islam if someone from another religion becomes Muslim they are called a revert.


Brought stoning back? What kind of crap is this?

You should really freshen up on your pre-Islamic Arabia history.


What the fuck's the matter with you? This is disinformation in its simplest form.

Jesus! You have absolutely no idea about Islam, now do you?


This is where your argument falls apart. Jesus and Mohammed were radically different.

Jesus was a pacifist. Mohammed was a warrior.


Exactly - there is a laundry list of differences, but the most salient is the nature of the prophet.