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Another Elbow Pain Thread


Three weeks ago I went really heavy on skull crushers and two days after I felt a pain in my left elbow. It feels as if the pain is actually coming right from the bone, almost like a bruised bone. Today I couldn't do shit for triceps in the gym due to the pain, but surprisingly I was able to do two sets of dips without the pain becoming unbearable.

Does anyone have any idea what kind of elbow injury this is and recommend some sort of treatment. So far hot/cold seems like the only way to go.


Could be golfer's elbow...im almost done recorvering from that. It's a bitch.

It's basically medial epiconditis or something

micro tears form in the ligament that connects to the bony part of the elbow in the pic. And the pulling of the tendon cause the bone to bleed(which is why it feels like it's bruised).

But I'm not a dr...could be something else.


What did your recovery consist of? Not working out or some sort of treatment?


for about 1.5 months I stopped lifting completely

Ice/stretch about 3x a day

Then I bought a forarm brace which looks like an arm band. That helped alot. Basically it takes some of the pressure off the tendon allowing it to heal faster. If this is indeed what you have I recommend wearing one of these now.

Then when the pain start to subside, I started lifting lightly. And as long as the pain didnt get worse, I kept adding weight back to normal.

Pain started mid march. All pain is almost gone now. Some slight discomfort during the workout, but goes away as soon as im done lifting. I still ice after the workout and before bed.

But I would see a DR if you think you have this, cuz it's not something you wanna ignore, or lift through the pain, or it could become one of those long term injuries, like most tendonitis's.

Oh and one more thing, make sure you're taking lots of vitamins, fishoil, and Cissus(by USP labs). Cissis really helped the recovery.


No lifting for a month and a half?! Impossible. I'm on the rapid fat loss diet now and I'm only lifting 2x per week and keeping it easy on the elbow. I'll add in the ice and go see a Dr. What kind of dr would be best for this kind of thing?


Drop the skull crushers and use another tricep exercise. SCs always gave me shit if I went to heavy on em.


i can't do any tricep exercise at this point.


Look into a joint supplement with glucosamine, chondroitin, and msm. It may help with the pain associated with your injury if indeed it is "golfer's elbow" or something similar.

Also look into this ice gel that are for horses that CAN be used for human applications. Put SMALL amount of area and wrap with triangle band aid then tensor before bed.


I know how ya feel. I was in the middle of a cut when I got it. I feel it's really tough to recover from an injury when you're in a calorie restricted cycle, cuz the body needs nutrients and calories to help the body repair. So it def sucks that it happened during a cut. Wonder if there is a pattern between fat loss and the increased tendency of tendonitis....

Best dr would be a sports physician(sports therapist), etc. I went to a GP, however GP's aren't as knowledgable when it comes to weight training related injuries.

By the way, I also did a lot of ice massages and cross frictional massaging to my forearm, which felt like it helped too.


I'm really struggling with any overhand pulling moves at the moment.

Am stretching, foam rolling and doing forearm levering. Going to start doing my overhand work thumbless.

Really sucks as doing my first DC blast and it's going great!


Go easy on the upper body stuff. I've been dealing with this for 3 months and its finally getting better. Mainly because I still did heavy upper body stuff. The workouts didn't effect the golfers elbow directly (pull-ups were the main thing), but gripping things like dumbells, barbells(for deadlifts) would agrevate it. Don't go the cortisone route: I've noticed good improvements with massage, stretching and icing (direct ice to skin for 5 mins moving it around the area). Best of luck