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Another ED and Test Dosage Thread

So I’ve been on 200 for almost a month now. 100x2 shots weekly. I am having some ED issues. At 150 I seemed to be doing much better but mood wasnt as stable. Are you saying I should increase dose since I am having issues to like 225-250 a week?

I always have high shbg between 35-55. I’m injecting twice a week 170mg total. Do you think EOD injections will benefit me?

Stick to the dose and let the body adapt . You have years of low t and now the body has hormones. It’s adapting to the new environment. Receptors are opening up and younneed to eat live and sleep right. Work out and keep fat to minimum. Keep your free t higher than 20.

3-4 months for noticeable stability. Until then expect itchy nipples; off an on libido, mood changes and water gain.

Even after a year expect ups and downs. Jsut becusde younste on Trt doesn’t mean you will have 100% libido everyday or perfect health. There are a multitude of factors that play a role in everything you touched on.

Contact a better doctor. Or call the best doctor I’m the industry. My doctor Keith nichols www.tier1hw.com

Oh and try daily dosing it’ll stabilize levels and give it what it can handle .

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That’s not high. Don’t worry about shbg. Find a dose that removes symptoms and don’t worry about shbg. It’s an indicator of where to start trt dosing, but it’s not something you want to manipulate. You have no clue if changes to shbg will backfire twenty or one year down the line. Let the body do as it wants and supplement accordingly.

With higher normal shbg you simply take more. It’s that simple.

High shbg is 8,90,100+… you are middle of the road.

A man that understands… great to hear you realize estrogen is not the enemy. It’ll work jsut be patient.

At the same dosage I went from feeling like shit for a while, to feeling less like shit, to finally feeling good. Just hang in there at whatever dose protocol and ride the TRT train. Last stop is an 18yr old’s sex drive and a body that will turn heads. I prefer ED shots personally but EOD isn’t far behind.

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Do you do test cream on the scrotum?. I know Dr Keith does it. If you do, how do you feel? Better than injections?

Yes I love it. It has less effect on HCT, rbc and etc

It also has a very short half life and doesn’t have to process through liver.

The DHT is much higher 2-3 fold than injections. If you have a history of hair loss or balding it will speed it up.

Cream on scrotum raised free t very quick and has a nice balance of DHT free t and estrogen. Shbg doesn’t play as a big role in choosing what dose versus injections where more is needed for high shbg.

There’s so much more. Levels are more stable. Don’t have to jab yourself daily.

Libido is king on cream. Well being is great . All due to DHT.

Check out some of dbossa posts. Or go to YouTube and find lifting dermatologist and find the video on “is DHT bad”. And the others on scrotal creamè!

How long it took for you to feel the effects?. Did you stop the injections cold turkey and start with the cream right away?. Do you apply 200mg per 1g daily or twice daily?. I think I will start doing it too

So long story short I had been considering running test for a very long time, decided to get my blood work done because I suspected my levels were low. Came back at 300 and that pretty much made my decision.

Started running 150mg a week felt incredible but was still experiencing mood swings and things like that so upped it to 200. Now I feel great, mood is much more stable and energy is much improved. I’ve been on in total 2 months, 200 mg for about a month. I have noticed strength gains in the gym but to be 100% honest not as drastically as I thought.

My question is should I perhaps up my dosage? I don’t want to run into any side effects and I am not running into any right now except for very minimal acne which I think is already going away.

I have actually heard from many people you can make some serious gains on my dosage just give it more time and 2 months really isn’t long at all. So what do you guys think?

I am 32 years old 230 lbs, was 225 before I started test. I am also trying to stay lean and not get tons of water retention which is another reason I don’t wanna go too high with my dosage and also probably why my strength hasn’t gone up as drastically as I would have hoped. I am also a runner but have switched to interval training as I have heard steady state isn’t the best for strength either.

So you’re self administering TRT or is this a cycle?

Did you do labs at 150 and /or 200?

I did labs at 150 after a month of use and my test went from 300 to 422 so not a big improvement. Everything else looked good Hematocrit was like 42. I have not done another blood test yet. I wanted to give it like 2 months at 200 but a lot of people from my gym told me 150 might not be enough for a guy my size. I am 6’4 230.

I plan on being on TRT for the rest of my life so yes it’s self administering TRT but I guess you could say looking forward to some added benefits while still minimizing any health risks or side effects.

I definitely wanna put on some lean size though.

I guess my question is could I put on any decent size and strength at this dose.

Ok, just verifying. I also self administer after years of messing around with stupid Drs.

200mg/week is pretty good. You need to get tested after about 6 - 8 weeks to see where you blood levels are. Getting your test at optimal ranges will definitely help you attain some lean mass and fat loss. Its not magic though. Takes the same level of effort either way. Still have to train, diet, etc but being optimal will help. Test also enhances protein synthesis and reduces cortisol, both which help with recovery.

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You can do very well on that dose, but you aren’t even really there yet. It takes a good 6 weeks to really hit steady state, you’re still climbing.

still tho 150 mgs a week shoulda def had you above 422 ….something isn’t adding up

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So one thing I’m not really sure about that I had just recently learned is that your supposed to get the blood work done in the morning and also like the day after your last pin which neither of those I did. I actually got it done like the night before I was scheduled to pin again. I pin 2x a week 100mg each.

I’m not sure if the whole morning thing applies when your pinning as opposed to when your natural but I didn’t get tested first thing in the morning.

I thought it should have been higher too though lol I hope my test isnt weak.

I’m on 185/200mg and didn’t see crazy results until the 6 month point. From 6 months to 12 months I saw drastic changes. I’ve been asked if I’m on steroids several times and I’m actually 10 lbs lighter than when I started. Just be patient and hang in there. Try to get your free T level checked next time you do blood work. It takes me about 3 months to get fully acclimated to a dose change so it’ll only get better from here.