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Another ED and Test Dosage Thread



Thank you! And congrats on the 6 years yourself! Unfortunately where I am and my primary care doctor is a real by the book type. I have 300 total test and the recommended where I am is 280-870 even though honest to god the 280-300 mark is for people that are like 100 years old lol. I found some TRT clinics near me but I shit you not they want a 2k a year membership fee and only administer 1 shot a month. I am much better off just doing it myself and going to walk in clinics for my blood work and getting knowledge from you guys.

I have heard of doing daily or even every other day injections. A guy at my gym told me about this. He also told me even for people doing test to run a cycle TRT dosing is very good and the people I talk to are very knowledgable and know more is not always better. From what I have heard though through all of my research is that Subq injections of test usually leads to infections and lumps in the skin because there just isn’t enough blood to move the oil around so it just sits there. Again I am no expert and have never experienced it myself but that’s what I have heard from the majority of people I have talked to along with the articles I have read.

Let me ask you something though. You say your test was real low. Were you experiencing ED and if so how long did it take for the TRT to help the situation? I have read some articles online saying it can take up to 6 months.

Subq is done by vast majority of men I know including myself. No issues unless you inject larger amounts which can cause nodules. It’s not an infection… Just a small lump that goes away within a few days.

I had every symptom under the sun. Wasted three and a half years of my life with bro science protocols. Once I got optimized it took about two months for all symptoms to vanish.

I too read all the KSMAN posts about E2 needing to be 20’s or you instantly die a brutal death. I wish there would be some way to put a disclaimer on his old posts that this is no longer the group conscience although that probably opens up a can of worms which is probably why it hasn’t been done. I’m guessing KS isn’t here anymore because of the change because it seemed like he was worshipped as a God with the AI, iodine and body temp garbage. Anyways, rant over. I’m just butt hurt that I crashed my E2 and even then thought it was high E2 problems back when I had just started TRT.


So do you do daily injections or every other day? Also for sub q injections what length needle do you use? I am assuming you use 27 guage? I actually already use 27 as recommended by my friend because it’s a much smaller needle, much less injection site pain but I use 1 inch. I am assuming that’s way too long for Subq.

You are totally right. @Chris_Colucci should remove the pinned posts in the about t category. About the T Replacement Category and archive them.
There is way too much inaccurate information in there.
Oh crap Chris. Just noticed you are in Long island. Me too.

Many months ago we did remove 1mg ai per 100 mg testosterone.
It used to be a bullet here

For subq 1/2" length is good… 27’s work well… You can use 30’s if you’re patient as it takes a while to push the oil through. But doable.

I’ve actually never struggled with ED. Even with low T I had no issues. I have a bag of powdered cialis in my kitchen that would probably last for years but I never use the shit. I have had some bouts of ED since starting TRT though. I chalk it up to the changes going on in my body. Its gone up and down. There are telemedicine options. I’m currently with Defy which is very cheap. I do bloodwork through my doctor which is way cheaper then Defy, so I just pay for the medication and consultations through them. I froze sperm before I started, so no need for HCG. I also will not be going down the AI route. The endless struggle to balance numbers sounds ridiculous. Some of the posts on here have turned me off to that completely. I will just allow my body to get used to having a bit more estrogen. I also just switched to daily subq because of @dbossa and some of the other guys on here. I’m 140mg weekly so I will be doing 20mg daily. I just started that protocol today.

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Post back in a few weeks and report how you’re feeling.

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Twice in one week I agree with Systemlord. Now that is amazing.


Yes sir! Will do!

So I’ve been on 200 for almost a month now. 100x2 shots weekly. I am having some ED issues. At 150 I seemed to be doing much better but mood wasnt as stable. Are you saying I should increase dose since I am having issues to like 225-250 a week?

I always have high shbg between 35-55. I’m injecting twice a week 170mg total. Do you think EOD injections will benefit me?

Stick to the dose and let the body adapt . You have years of low t and now the body has hormones. It’s adapting to the new environment. Receptors are opening up and younneed to eat live and sleep right. Work out and keep fat to minimum. Keep your free t higher than 20.

3-4 months for noticeable stability. Until then expect itchy nipples; off an on libido, mood changes and water gain.

Even after a year expect ups and downs. Jsut becusde younste on Trt doesn’t mean you will have 100% libido everyday or perfect health. There are a multitude of factors that play a role in everything you touched on.

Contact a better doctor. Or call the best doctor I’m the industry. My doctor Keith nichols www.tier1hw.com

Oh and try daily dosing it’ll stabilize levels and give it what it can handle .

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That’s not high. Don’t worry about shbg. Find a dose that removes symptoms and don’t worry about shbg. It’s an indicator of where to start trt dosing, but it’s not something you want to manipulate. You have no clue if changes to shbg will backfire twenty or one year down the line. Let the body do as it wants and supplement accordingly.

With higher normal shbg you simply take more. It’s that simple.

High shbg is 8,90,100+… you are middle of the road.

A man that understands… great to hear you realize estrogen is not the enemy. It’ll work jsut be patient.

At the same dosage I went from feeling like shit for a while, to feeling less like shit, to finally feeling good. Just hang in there at whatever dose protocol and ride the TRT train. Last stop is an 18yr old’s sex drive and a body that will turn heads. I prefer ED shots personally but EOD isn’t far behind.

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Do you do test cream on the scrotum?. I know Dr Keith does it. If you do, how do you feel? Better than injections?

Yes I love it. It has less effect on HCT, rbc and etc

It also has a very short half life and doesn’t have to process through liver.

The DHT is much higher 2-3 fold than injections. If you have a history of hair loss or balding it will speed it up.

Cream on scrotum raised free t very quick and has a nice balance of DHT free t and estrogen. Shbg doesn’t play as a big role in choosing what dose versus injections where more is needed for high shbg.

There’s so much more. Levels are more stable. Don’t have to jab yourself daily.

Libido is king on cream. Well being is great . All due to DHT.

Check out some of dbossa posts. Or go to YouTube and find lifting dermatologist and find the video on “is DHT bad”. And the others on scrotal creamè!

How long it took for you to feel the effects?. Did you stop the injections cold turkey and start with the cream right away?. Do you apply 200mg per 1g daily or twice daily?. I think I will start doing it too