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Another Double Stimulation Question


I read another question where you said it would work with any program. How would you set it up if you were doing Upper body pressing and squats on one day and upper pulling and hamstrings on another day? It's a two day split and I like doing some leg work and upper body stuff each day?


Honestly I would likely only do the double stimulation for the upper body in that case. If you are training two days in a row and using big compound lower body lifts you will get some of the double stimulation effect because the compound lower body lift really involve the whole lower body.

But you could still add the isolation work for the hamstrings/quads, but at the end of the session so that it doesn't interfere with the main leg exercise.

For example if you do romanian deadlift on monday and squats on tuesday you could so hamstrings work tuesday, after your main leg exercises for quads.


Thanks for the reply. I think I will just try the way you outlined in the article.