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Another Dominating Win for W. Klitschko


W.K defended his belts against a motivated and finally in shape Samuel Peter tonight. Typical lead up and outcome. Everyone says W.K. is a bum, and is going to get KTFO...then he ends up dominating and stopping his opponent in the late rounds. Opponents face looks like it has been put in a cement mixer, his face not even a scratch. So now everyone is saying his opponent was a bum, looked terrible, blah, blah. David Haye is shitting his pants after that crushing KO of the usually iron jawed Peter.


I don't know where you were getting this... every place I looked seemed to have it billed as another smash fest for Wlad. Most people recognised that there were no real challenges to the Klitschko reign a long time ago.


Peter has done nothing of note since losing to WK the first time. There was no reason to think that Sam had a chance in this one other than landing a lucky punch. I for one, was not surprised by this result in the slightest.


Still a boring fighter.


A fighter with ~85% ko ratio is boring?

Because he has the best jab in heavyweight history?


I don't necessarily consider him boring but he is dominating a very weak division. It would be nice if there were some better opponents available. Instead we get to see him fight Peter again. David Haye is a decent fighter but he is too small and will probably get KO'd. Wlad's jab is very good but I can think of several others who had as good or better. The best of all time probably belonged to Larry Holmes. I am more impressed by Wlad's straight right hand than his jab.


It's the way he fights. Has nothing to do with his KO percentage.

I've said the same thing for many years- guy's a great fighter, no doubt. But there's no competition for him, and the competition that there is, he fights boringly.

Most of the guys he's fought in the last five years he could have KO'd within five rounds. But he doesn't jump on guys right away. He's slow and methodical and very technical, and regardless of how good he is, it makes for a boring fight.

That's why in 30 years, people will remember Micky Ward and Arturo Gatti, but not too many outside of boxing circles will remember Klitscho. Just not a big time personality, not an exciting fighter... no fault of his, just how it is.


everywhere. Most of the fight media often recalled the 3 knockdowns Peter scored in the first fight, and how Peter was the last guy that gave WK a hard competitive fight. Also many references to Peter's new trainer and performances against his last 2 opponents where he came in in shape at 237-242lbs.


Who gives a fuck. Anytime I see Heavyweight and boxing I look the other way. What an uninteresting division.


ya, i agree. holmes had the best jab of the heavies. larry had the same problem wlad and vk have too, he was so much better than the competition he had at the time, he often gets overlooked when talking about the all time greats.


I agree Irish...but at the same time I will say that years from now, among boxing insiders and pundits, the Klits will be remembered as among the most dominant heavyweights of all time, even though, as you said, the lay person/casual fan will not remember who they were.


Please don't get me wrong, Irish, but I think it has everything to do with the Klitschkos being ukrainian.
It certainly doesn't help that Vladimir can box very safe for a heavy.

But I don't buy the "he's boring" complaint.


well, the fact that he is not a trash talking american does not help. Though not a very exiting fighter, he does not deserve all the critisism thrown at him.


True, but they were just doing their job of injecting some interest into the fight. When the vast majority of them were asked for actual predictions it was Wlad by face rape. The word "puncher's chance" cropped up a lot... which is a byword for "between slim and none".

Wlad is not an exciting fighter, but against the kind of opposition he has you'd have to be a fighter-come-entertainer like RJJ or SRL to inject any real sense of dynamism into the proceedings.


Haye - Klitschko has the potential to be exciting...

If it ever happens, what with both sides claiming the other is running and hiding.


Why do the americans love fake hardcorism in everything - lifting, boxing, etc.

So many trashtalkers got embarassed and dominated by the slavs it's not even funny. While slav athletes approach everything with methodical professionalism and just having fun. The man is made by his actions, not his words.

Look at lifting also - freak athletes like Koklyaev, Konstantinov and others have no hoodies, beards and tattoos and heavy metal music in their training.


Yep, same with Fedor Emelianenko. No like english, no like bad mouth. ("Overrated")

And I have to disagree with Holmes' jab. More playful, versatile and nice to look at? Yes!
But as to power, reliability and success rate - Vlad for sure.

It's not a strategical weapon to win a round.
It's a freight train that happens to stop in your face.
Nearly all his battered opponents say in retrospect: "I didn't think [his jab] would strike so hard."


More than half of the trash talk is the promoter trying to sell the fight, or at least it used to be. I know that, at least in MMA, the real professionals just go train to win. But you don't sell tickets to an event with footage of a guy doing medicine ball slams, you sell them with him saying he's going to eat the other guy's children. And guys know that the promoter is the one calling the shots, so they engage in some trash talk so that the promoter thinks they're "exciting" and calls them back, even if they've lost 3 of their last 5 fights.

Unfortunately, we're now seeing a generation of fighters that don't get that, and really are just talking trash to talk trash. I can't watch "The Ultimate Fighter," because I have to sit through all the pissing contests these punks get into when you have them living together. Boxing is similar, but it's been more posing for a longer time than MMA (at least since Ali, although he had work ethic in the gym he still ran his mouth a lot).


Who gives a shit that he's Ukranian? You do know that most Americans couldn't place that on a map, right? No one cares where he's from.


I don't know who this is addressed to. How many people have ever accused Fedor of being boring? The vast majority of people on this forum have nothing but respect for him. Fedor is a legend in his sport.

Wlad is boring. He's not boring because he's Ukrainian. He's boring because that's the way he fights. And don't talk statistics, please, the topic is boring enough as it is.

In a better era, with people to bring the fight to him, he would be more worthy of the T.V.