Another Disapointment

Ok I’ve read a ton of posts on here with Hardasnails input and he talks alot of good advice that matches alot of what I have read myself. I thought it was great when he afford to help because it seemed like he was going to help. So I talked on the phone with him few times and again alot of good information about my symptoms and about the FULL treatment I would be getting. He was great at getting me down there and getting me started. I talked with him about various treatments I had done with lab support and where I had felt the best.

I discussed my goals which were to have TT @ 800-900 FT 200’s and my E2 22-28 and to stay as fertile as I could. This proto was 50mg Test E 2x/wk 500Icus 2x/wk .25mg AI 5 day’s/wk and 25mg clomid daily. I have mixed feelings about the clomid, but it worked for me and eventually lowered the Hcg. No problem he say’s those are all optimal levels. Now they started me on 50mg Test Cyp 2x/wk and 250Ius Hcg 2x/wk and wanted me to stop the AI (I didn’t want to but did) I eventually started to get the high E2 symptoms and emailed him many times stating I wanted to start back up. No not until we retest. Well lets retest then. No reply. No reply. I emailed again today stating it’s time to retest. The reply was well what do you want to retest. I thought to myself WHAT YOUR the Fucking DR. Man.

Well my goals are (same as above) so lets test TT FT E2 and what ever else you want or think is important. Reply No the goals are the levels with the least amount of drugs that make you feel good. I thought No Shit man I don’t feel good. So are you going to send an order for me to get tests done. No reply. He also started me on Cortef and its been 1 month now and still no follow up on a recheck to see if it’s working or so we can boost my thyroid which both FT3 and FT4 are at the bottom of levels. I’m sick and tired of getting half ass treatment.

It feels like they only told me what I wanted to hear. I realize I’m not the only patient he has, but when someone puts there health into your hands and tries to contact you with symptoms and issues you do something You don’t ignore. So anybody that has to travel along ways to see him don’t waste your time.

Yep another day and still no reply back to get levels tested. Dr. Overbeck seemed like really nice guy but he need to reevaluate who he has for a consultant he’s far from a Professional.

[quote]oscar31280 wrote:
Yep another day and still no reply back to get levels tested. Dr. Overbeck seemed like really nice guy but he need to reevaluate who he has for a consultant he’s far from a Professional.[/quote]

Offer him more money. Whores do more the more you pay them.

Ya no shit man. That’s what it feels like anyway. I’m going back to what I use to do before all the Dr. fuck ups.

I have email and you are waiting information from the other endo.
And you have my cell phone number

I appologize if i have not been getting your emails. I normally respond with in an appropriate amount of time.

Got a good phone call today from Hardasnails. He apologized for the mix up. Apparently my emails have not been going through my phone. Anyway we had a long discussion about the issues I’ve been dealing with and he revised my plan. He showed a lot of character getting back to me,explaining what was happening and gave me an alternate contact. I appreciate things like. I just get frustrated I’ve been screwed so many times and I jumped the gun.

miscommuncations can happen and if you do not hear back from me with in a few hours then Im either in no mans land or phone is dead, or at the gym I put in off. Any one that finds a medical professional with such a fast response time even on the weekends let me know. Dr O and I already discussed that when we up to 100% compacity we are going to limit patients a day due to keeping up most quality spend with each…

Finally getting new blood work done. Excited!

Blood work needs to be be done on the correct day in relationship to the proper therapy. You have swtiched so many time TRT I can not keep track of what modality we are using LOL, eventually we will find some thing that works and get you feeling better.