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Another diet critique

Greetings all. For the first time, I am going to ask some assistance on my diet. I’m 6’2 @ ~208 lbs, with approximately (Tanita) 15% bodyfat, down from 216 @ 18-19% bodyfat about 4-5 weeks ago.

Meal 1, 530AM:
1.5 C. oatmeal
0.5 C. frozen fruit
2 servings whey protein in water

Meal 2, 800AM:
1 oz. sharp cheddar cheese
1 serving mixed nuts
1 serving turkey pepperoni

Meal 3, 1100AM:
~.75 C. 4% cottage cheese
4 oz. lean turkey breast
3 boiled eggs with yolk

Meal 4, 200PM:
1 medium apple
1.5 cups brown rice
Either drainless pack of salmon or chicken breast

Workout @ 400PM

Meal 5, PWO:
2 servings whey protein
.5 C. maltodextrin

Meal 6, 730-800PM:
Varies. Try to keep it P+F. Maybe some scrambled eggs, who knows. Whatever I can scrape up around the house.

This usually ends up around 2600-2700 calories with less than 100 grams of fat and approximately a 20/40/40 split of fat, carbs, and protein.

Looking back, I see someone is going to say add more leafy green vegetables and some fish oil supplementation.

Goals: Bodyfat in the 10% range +/-2%, then stabilize at that point (set my metabolism?). Then begin a slow process of adding LBM. I’m 6’2 and with my current LBM amount I will probably look kind of gangly at 10%, but I really would like to lean out. I’ve never been really lean so that has always been a goal.

I’m currently doing RR&D (v2) with morning HIT (jump rope) every other day.

Oh, I’m 27, and mostly sedentary (desk job) during the day.

Thanks in advance.