Another Diet Check Thread

Hi just after a quick validation of my diet. Looking to train and add as much muscle as I can (cleanish) in the next 12 months. Started off well but putting that down to newbie gains so far.

36 Years old

4 day split. In the region of 9 sets per large body part and 6 for smaller. Reps range from 6 to 12

Desk job Monday to Friday

Online calculators brings out between 2600 and 2900 daily for maintenance

Fitday brings it out circa 3200/3400 per day

Post Workout:

50g Whey

50g Protein Works Ultra Carb

1 medium Banana


1 x Granary

2 x no fat bacon

2 x poached egg

250ml Semi Skimmed milk


175/200g Beef Mince (various ways i.e chilli etc)

50g Jasmine Rice (Raw Weight)

250ml Semi Skimmed Milk



2 Scoops Protein Works Matrix

1 Banana


Either 3 egg omelette or 175g Chicken

Either 200g sweet potoato or 50g Jasmine Rice (Raw Weight)

250ml Semi Skimmed Milk

Feta Cheese or naan bread if chicken

Pre Bed:

200g greek yoghurt

1 banana

If you have plugged that into FitDay already, would you mind sharing the macros on your above noted nutrition?

Food choices look solid, no crazy red flags there.

What is your current height, weight and training history?

You only listed post workout food? Are you training in the morning on an empty stomach? Not the best plan if so.

I personally wouldn’t shy away from full fat bacon and whole milk. I’ve had success in the past with having a pint of whole milk and two slices of bread after every meal. If your relatively lean and tolerate carbs well it’s a great strategy.

Would look at adding more vegetables also.


thanks for the reply

Macros as below

H thanks for the reply.

Yeah I work out at 7am so up and away to the gym. I do sip a BCAA with protein works ultra carb pre and intra workout

In terms of the milk I just prefer semi skimmed in taste.

I do eat a large salad or bowl of veg with my evening meal

3400cals with nearly 400g of carbs is a pretty significant day of eating. Your current height and weight (and bodyfat or a picture) are going to be a big indicator to see if you’re close with this estimate.

Apologies totally missed that question

don’t have a current pic however bodyweight about 190 pounds and I’m 6ft 1

Training history - have lifted weights on and off for about 10 years. Never really followed it through for more than 6 months or so but in my mid twenties got about 8 months of good training and nutrition and got to a very respectable size. The diet above is a trimmed down version of what I was eating then as I was working in a builders yard so was burning more calories a day than I do now sitting at a desk

Seems decent to me. Definitely the kind of macro split I use myself, food choices seem good too. One tweak I would suggest is having your post workout carb during training with a couple of serves of BCAAs as well as pre and post. Carbs and BCAAs while training were a real game changer for me.

No problem man. Ok so you’re a big lad. Just wanted to make sure you were 5’8" 160lbs and hoping to lean bulk on 3400cals.

Food choices are solid, you’re hitting your protein and your fats aren’t too low. I would say stay on it consistently for a month or so making sure to check your weight along the ride. If you gain a little too fast, cut back a bit, if you aren’t seeing the scale move, you can up it a bit.

A solid place to start though. Good luck!

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Thanks for all the input guys, really appreciate it