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Another Dextrose Question


Okay all,
This isn't a malto/dextro question. I need a simple recommendation for dextrose application. As it is right now, I make a PWO shake in the blender, looks like this:

2 scoops Myofusion
1 cup whole milk
1 cup raspberries (low GI fruit)
2 tbsp natural PB
2 tbsp ovaltine (just for the extra vitamins...can't hurt, right?)
Water to thin

Now, I got myself some dextrose for my PWO shakes, but I'm wondering - should I add it to this shake mix and call it done? I've read that adding dextrose to things like milk basically counteracts some of the positive effects. I don't want to waste my dextrose, but this shake is also a significant source of calories for me, and PWO it's easy to get it down. So, just looking for some guidance in terms of application. Thanks.


I don't see it counteracting anything, as its just a gainer shake, right? I'm kinda confused what you're getting at really. You bought dextrose and do not know what you can use it for? If you don't give a fuck about carbs/fats and need weight go for it. If you're adding ovaltine (100% carbs, 95% sugar), what's it matter if you put it in the shake?

Be simple. Lift. Drink some dextrose/protein blend. Eat. Sleep.


No, it's not that I bought it and don't know what to do with it. I understand that the sugar helps with protein absorption and such, but I wanted to make sure that having dextrose with fructose wouldn't nullify one affect or the other. And yes, it's a gainer shake that I've actually added up the macronutrient values for. So, I appreciate the tip. I didn't want to waste money and my supplements.


Nope its proven that fructose has different transporters than dextrose ie glucose into the muscle cell therefore a combo of both is actually ideal for maximizing glycogen repletion after training. Now it doesnt sound like this will matter for your goals cause you are not looking to train exhaustively multiple times in one day however, it should comfort you knowing that your body will be able to handle both without problems