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Another Dem Sex Scandal


Rep. David Wu (D-Oregon) stands accused of having an "unwanted sexual encounter" with the teenage daughter of a donor and high school friend last Thanksgiving. It's the latest tidbit to emerge about the bizarre period in which Wu started behaving erratically, leading at least six staffers to quit.


I would like to point out that sex scandals within the Democratic party are boringly predictable and heterosexual.

Republicans definitely know how to partaaayyyyy.....


I was a little surprised when the whole Clinton oval office blowjobs/lying under oath/no impeachment proceedings/like nothing ever happened thing went down. I wonder what would've happened if Dubya had been caught getting blown in the Whitehouse then lied under oath and to the American people about it.


i think we can speculate through this pic that he is into some sort of furry play. One up that larry craig


Is that Tigger?

I am starting to get interested....