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Another Delt Setback


After rehabbing both delts to 85%,and 90% L/R, respectively,
I fucked up, and after adding chest back in with some pressing, I went too heavy, +55lbs on deep dips, and put one of my delts back to being too injured to hit bench, dips, even floor flys.

Have been doing very limited ROM flat DB benches, tube flys,(very limited ROM again), and the usual fair of cuff rehab ex. etc, etc, etc.

Damn I’m pissed.

At any rate, after deciding to take these next 2 weeks off of all chest work, and anything that causes any pain in it, I’m just about deflated on deciding wtf to do as far as exercises again.

Initially I had been doing loads of shit, and it worked great. Now that I did this to the left, I had been trying to use the same stuff, and it was no good at all. By this I mean a circuit I had been doing of DB cuban rotations, Band Ex rotation, band pull aparts, band dislocates, band press, 3-4 sets of 15 reps ea.

Did this 3/week.

This stopped working, tapped out so to speak. Like a bonehead, or desperate mofo, you decide, I tried some standard fare, like DB ex rotation, partial upright rows(dumb), front raise, side lateral raise. Now they all felt ok, uprights obviously were not a positive, but not too bad. Watched ROM and kept it pain free.

It felt worse the next day, and is slightly better but still shit. Rear portion of delt, posterior to lateral, dull on/off pain, increased pain at parallel elevation of arm to side, and anything farther back, or up. When benching it hurts clavicle/delt tie when dropping bar down, and it also hurts in that rear/side area on bottom, and back up the movement.
The clavicle/delt area hurts more acutely, and really kicks in more as weight is added, and the back region is more dull and a semi-throbbing deep pain. ROM is def. taking a hit right now. Pendulum swings/circles/figure eights aren’t doing shit.

Anyway, if any of you want to drop a few minutes and offer me any advice please do. I would really appreciate it. I’m trying to rehab myself w/out going to phys therapy. I’ve done it before and have faith but am a little flustered about my next plan of action right now.

Hope this didn’t ramble all over the place too bad.

Thanks guys,


This caught my eye, and seemed well done.

If nothing else, check out this gals awesome upper back and overall development.

Protocol looks cool though, initial stuff looks good for me at the present condition.

Will do nothing till pain is gone, save some mobility and stretching/icing shit. Then hit rhomboids and cuff stuff as best as I can.

I know your not the kind of man that needs to be told to see the doc, but have you seen the doc?

I have very minimal experience with shoulder problems but I had a small problem with my right(throwing) shoulder with baseball. I think it is clear now but I haven’t trained chest/shoulders in two weeks. Stuck with back/arms/legs.

It sounds like you may have an impingement or possible cartilage damage. This is what I was told and the pains I was experiencing sound similar to yours. For the cartilage damage part, the cartilage on the acromial end of the scapula inbetween the humerus (think I got the terms correct lol) can sometimes form a lip at the anterior portion and it causes the biceps tendons to overlap causing small pain that is normally felt in the rear portion of the delt. All this info I got from my athletic trainer when I was injured.

I hope this helps somewhat, I know it’s not much but its really all I can offer. I know you know what your doing but if it doesn’t get better I’d rest it and then I’d just go on in and see the dr.

I’m checking out that vid now…

sorry about the luck man


After glancing at that vid I’d say you can give yourself just as much help as the pt.

If you see the doc an MRI would probably be your best bet to find out what’s goin on…

Good luck man


[quote]Dirty Gerdy wrote:
After glancing at that vid I’d say you can give yourself just as much help as the pt.

If you see the doc an MRI would probably be your best bet to find out what’s goin on…

Good luck man


I know, you know they always want you to do the standard fare of rehab ex. which I know, and then they reluctantly stall for a bit more, then they finally give you the mri, and by then I’ll be atrophied to fuck all. That’s the other thing, they never want you to do anything, even non related bodyparts, so I just try to do my own thing. I’ll go if I can’t get serious progress in a few weeks here. Loving my ballistic leg/back/delt rehab/forearm/arms routine though.

The mindset is good.

Thanks Gerdy.


oops?? lol didn’t hurt the shoulder typing did ya? lol jk


Here’s the plan for this rehab time line. If I don’t make any progress by another week or two, in to the doc for some modalities and physical therapy.


:Fasted Cardio-bcaa/coffee- bike at 30 minutes
Roll out/ prone-side planks-3X15/3X45-60 seconds

Delt Rehab Protocol 3X15-20
Donkey Raises-3X20 (5 in, 5 ahead, 5 out, 5 in)
Seated Calf Raise-3X12-15

Box Squat w/TopSquat Device-4X6,5X5,6X4,8X3 (week to week)
Step Ups-3X6 each leg
RDL-3X6-8 / 3X12-15 (week to week)

TUE: AM: DB Tri Extensions-4X6-8
Rope Pressdowns-2X20

Pull Ups (supine)-4X7, 1X15
DB Rows-3X10-15
Shrugs-4X6-8 / 3X15 (week to week)
BB Curls-4X6-8 / 1X15
DB Preacher Curls-3X10-15

Fasted Cardio- bcaa/coffee- bike at 30 minutes
Standing Cable Crunch-3X10-15 each leg forward
Floor Crunch-3X25
Delt Rehab Protocol 3X15-20
Reverse Wrist Curls-3X15
BB Wrist Curls Behind Back-3X15

Fasted Cardio-bcaa/coffee-treadmill at 30 minutes
Standing Calf Raise-4X15
Donkey Raise-3X20

Split Squats-3X6 each leg
Front Squats-1X4-6, 1X8-10, 1X20
Leg Curls-3X8-10, 1X20

Fasted Cardio-bcaa/coffee-bike at 30 minutes
Pressdown-4X6-8, 1X20
Tube Extensions-3X15-20

BB Rows (supine)-4X7, 1X20
Close Neutral Pulldowns-3X15
Preacher Curls-4X6-8
Arnold Curl-3X10-12
Tube Curls 2X20

Hopefully this injury will get better at home.
I am gonna give it my best shot at home rehab. But will go in if I can’t get it done. Here’s that delt protocol from the video too.

Delt Rehab Protocol 3 X WEEK 3X15-25
For now.

Scapular Clock Circuit:

Shoulder blades Up, (shrug), blades forward, (protracted), blades down (depressed), blades back (retracted).


  1. arms to front

  2. arms halfway between front and side

  3. arms to side


  4. hands at hip, palm facing body

  5. straight arm raise diagonally up.

  6. finish with palm facing behind you.

ClockRaise: (off bench)

Arm to 12:00
Arm to 2:00
Arm to 3:00
Arm to 4:00

Repeat w, w/out DB

Cobra: (pvc pipe)-

knee�??s bent at 45, clean pipe overhead just behind head.

Pullover: (same)-

neck off edge of bench, thoracic spine in flexion, wider than shoulder width, arms straight.

Reverse Shrug: Pull Up bar

flex scapula downward, small ROM. Just pull up till shoulder blade is in down position.


Heavy DB Scapular Retractions-4X6-8


I wish I could offer you advice man. I find that just the nature of my mechanics makes dips very hard on my shoulders. I don’t go real heavy on weighted dips anymore because I just lean forward to much and get alot of shoulder grinding. I have a history of shoulder issues as it is though, about 3 dislocations on each.

I know all that doesn’t help but I feel yah and it sucks, my only recommendation would be to see what doesn’t fuck you up so bad. I’ve been hitting skullcrushers for triceps (I like close grip bench and overhead heavy DB extensions as well) For delts I like standing military and seated smythe machine shoulder press.