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Another Deca Dick Thread


Cheers mate, here are the bloods I have at the mo

The 9.6 one was previous bloods, the one after shows shbg and is more recent

9.6 is below 300 ng/dL and in my opinion is clearly hypogonadal

Thanks mate I’m gonna have another test at some point to see if it’s raised from 10.8, which us what it was last time, still hypogonadism? How do we get doc to do something then or just best to go private???

if tis any help, my total T was around 1100ng/DL and the dutasteride i took 6 months ago for 1 week made me completely impotent even to this day… and I had over 2k total T at the time I took the dutasteride and 240ng/dl free T… so DHT plays a role in penile health that is independant from T’s role in the penis tissue. in order to get erection you don’t really need that much T anyways as shown in studies

What were your symptoms? and have you had any improvements bro?

Sorry do you mean me or ygb350 bruda?

Sorry ygb350, do you mean you can still have erections with low T? What are you doing at the moment for your low T? And are you considered as hypogonadal? What are you doing to help this please?

No sorry, my T was high . very high total T and free T middle of the range. shbg high, and still waiting for my estradiol results. The truth is, it doesn’t matter where these values are for me. I am affected by finasteride syndrome, so nothing matters about my ranges anymore. The receptors dont work, like a state machine, i have been switched from 0 to 1. This switch includes lack of libido, genital numbness etc… classic PFS/PAS/PSSD symptoms. Also I have penile pain and i think fibrosis forming even with high T. The reason was DHT removed from fin, cause lack of NOS and vegF in the penis… even T alone cannot replace the function of DHT. so the result is fibrotic tissue formation, even in a couple weeks of using … so nothing can help me now except pray for miracle… believe in cells can recover. I take proviron to try supplement a dht in the penis , and i feel it help with some symptoms.

Other than this, i try get ULTRASOUND and MRI of penis to confirm if i have fibrosis. sadly canada have shit health, waiting 6 months still for a specialist appointment with urologist… i will be old men when this is finally finished.

what i do now is 30-60 minutes a day of 40 degrees celsius rice sock on my cock, 1-2x a day… cialis 5mg every day, proviron 25mg every 6hrs , and lots of sleep and some cardio and eat good. thats all i know for now. Maybe some experimental techniques can help us like shockwave therapy, PGE1 injections, anything to increase angiogenesis in the penis

@ygb350 Are your problems from finasteride instead of deca?