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Another Deca Dick Thread

We’re missing the tie in. More dudes on deca means less men who would be shitty fathers getting boners procreating.



It was clarified by others already but just so you can hear from me what I meant, not these mansplaining assholes above (does that work if I’m a man too?):

Unmarried people can have children, no problem there, the statistic is merely a substitution (a non perfect one) for more single-parent homes. Single parent homes are the biggest independent risk factor for predicting poverty and bad education and incarceration. That’s what makes it bad. Not that people need to get married before they have children, but it increases the chance of these children having two parents. A child needs a mother and a father. (That sentence alone will probably saw at a few nerves of sensitive people).

Thanks for asking, it’s always better to clarify.


Being an unwanted child is also up there. Steven Levitt (from Freakonomics studied this quite in depth if you are interested). He showed that the drop in crime (which was attributed to better policing, harsher sentencing, etc. falsely) was mostly because of Roe V. Wade. Basically, providing a mechanism to remove the problem of unwanted children in the 1970s led to drops in crime decades later.

Not a pro abortion argument here. Just brought it up to mention the unwanted children thing as a predictor. I would guess many unwanted children are in single parent households.

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The best predictor of socioeconomic outcome for a child is the marital status of their parents. Everyone wants race or class to be at the top, because that’s something they can make policy (read: grift) off of. But telling people “don’t get divorced if you want your kid to turn out better” doesn’t get you any votes. Policy makers make policy that helps them stay in power. The answer is always the path of least resistance.


Know that. Still doesn’t solve the problem on hand. There seem to be a lot of wanted children then who get to lead a shitty life because of the decisions their parents made (read: abortion is not an option to give the child a better life)


Hey man i’ve gone thru all of your posts and can see that you’re one of the few who i can relate to with what’s happening to me and since this has happened to you a long time ago i’d say that you’re the only one who can let me know wgw1. Probably the last thing that you want to do is come back to this forum but you might see my comment and reply to me.

I was dump when i used AAS without much knowledge but what can i say what’s done is done and knowing what i know i’ve realised that a lot if not all of my problems that i’ve gone thro where related to my steriod use, i just didn’t know it at the time.
i’ve done a couple of cycles one last year and one this year, on the 1st cycle i was feeling great and all and when i came off and done my pct, i felt like shit i started suffering from ED which is something that i never had a problem with before and i’ve lost my sex drive completely, at that time i didn’t know it was the gear, things got a bit better and then stupid me i jumped on another cycle and it completely destroyed me.

To make this long story short. now iam few months off of everything, i have ED and no libido whatsoever, testacles shrunk up and smaller in size. you obviously wouldn’t know how long this will last for me but i have a couple of questions regarding your recovery!

Was your ED persistent for the whole 1.5 years ?
as for me its just dead down there i dont feel anything.
did your testes got a bit better in size?
did u experience loss of libido and did it go back to normal?

I hope you really get my comment and get back to someone who is losing hope.

Hahah damnnn some of you boys really kicked off over this red pill issue, calling them incels is pretty inaccurate and just sounds like an attack on people that don’t think the same as you. I mix with a load of red pilled mindset lads all motivated, successful and dont simp over girls and are the furthered thing from incels. I bet you voted for joe Biden too ay

Anyway Jamesbt it sounds like you got yourself in a bit of a pickle damaging yourself then not recovering and doing it again however, it appears you’re just going through the exact same issues I had. Yes my ED was persistent for the whole 1.5 years and even then after 1.5 years I was able to have sex but I’d have my bad days for example I could have sex but then I’d have to take a week to Recover (before having sex again and maintain an erection) or sometimes I just wouldn’t be able to get hard but the next day I’d be fine so things weren’t perfect although to this day after the 1.5 years no girl realised I had erection issues and I had a girlfriend and slept around a lot so it wasn’t THAT bad. 5-6 years on now and I am completely fine I’ve probably been 100% fine this around 2.5/3 years after again don’t let these numbers put you off. In the end you’ll be recovered and it will have just all been a bad dream.

Yes it was completely dead down there to the point I felt like I had a vagina, literally I remember thinking 6 months in I had forgot what it feels like to have a normal penis or what sex even felt like as I lost my erections only a year after virginity. I’d be jealous of normal people

My testes shrunk and I’m not 100% sure but I still don’t think they’re back to normal size, defo gotten a little bigger but not confident they’re normal size

My libido completely died out even when I had a naked girl sucking me off doing everything i just didn’t want sex, I’d maybe get little horny after a couple weeks and I’d bash my limp off sitting in depression. But as of right now my libido is through the roof

I strongly recommend doing nofap especially as your dick is dead. 100% you will recover it will just take time

Yes… as an Australian I voted for Joe Biden… from Australia

The fact that saying “I bet you voted fro Joe Biden/Donald Trump” can be used as an insult irks me and is indicative of the hostile mentalities people have towards others as a byproduct of our current sociopolitical divide. I may dislike Donald Trump, alongside some 80+ percent of Australians but I’m not going to insult someone else for choosing Trump over Biden.

I backed Trumps foreign policy (barring his inhumane treatment of migrant kids), I liked the way he initially stood up to China… prior to silently reversing much of the policies he instated. Otherwise, many of his ideals didn’t abide with what I believe is best for society. What’s more I didn’t like how he would tweet about conspiracy theories (QAnon and the likes)… it was super inappropriate amongst other flaws of character. For this, I didn’t like Donald Trump. Each to their own however; I can certainly see the appeal for others who think differently to me. No problem with that.

As to TRP ideology… have you ever visited the forums? People who abide by TRP philosophies may not be incels, but the forums/are were full of them.


I hate to inject myself again, but did you see what the Biden administration is currently responsible for in regards to this? He opened all the cages back up. I don’t think this point is valid, all the others you made obviously are.

Hey man

So glad you recovered.

Regarding your recovery did you go on trt? or you just waited it out?

are you currently off of everything? any tips on what to do since im someone who’s facing the same issue

Just get off everything, wait out.

This is high e2 sign for me, not prolactin. Have you done bloodwork for e2?

Hey man I’ve been dealing with this the last 18 months, have had minor improvements but dick still not working properly. Literally exact same situation as you.

I read that you were doing proviron before you decided to get off everything again, do you think that the proviron was a key factor here? Or do you think just getting off everything would have worked even without trying proviron?

I’ve read others use proviron and masteron to help the issue, but I don’t want to stunt the recover as I have been off everything the last 1.5 years.

Hi @Smithy96

when you had tren dick. did you experience genitals numbness as in even stimualtion would not do anything? I have used tren and experienced extreme side effects that i wasnt aware of, my cycle was a very heavy one and i stopped cold turkey. So few weeks after i stopped my genitals were numbed and i couldn’t feel anything as if my johnson just doesn’t exist i cant even feel it in there. Absolute Loss of sensation in the whole area, obviously with a complete loss of libido then developed depression and other symptoms. My penis feels contracted and shrivelled. iam now 4 months post everything with no improvement, even porn wouldn’t do it for me as before i’d get a hard on with even the wind blowing.

i still haven’t had any blood work done so i dont know if my testosterone levels are still messed up or my E2 is high.

The only thing that got into my head and made things worse is hearing about Post ssri sexual dysfunction (its know to be permanent) which happens after taking ssri’s however i remember at that time taking valium for 2 weeks when it was difficult for me to sleep during cycle.

i would appreciate if u could answer my questions.

What did you do? Get a blood test as soon as possible. And no PSSD is not permanent, people still recover from it.

I have post accutane syndrome with similar, sexual side effects. Check out my thread about it.
I recommend you a PCT if you haven’t done it yet. @Bruda

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So the op might do well to increase his range or scope in terms of finding therapies. Bodybuilding world isn’t really the place or right group of people. This is essentially mimicking post finasteride syndrome or pssd or other similar events which cause great dysfunction. People have tried various therapies like dht gel or cream, proviron, having perfect blood work to varying degrees of success. The best thing is time, checking cortisol and adrenals like @ztanzanite

The problem may be the androgen receptor has had an epigenetic change, so no amount of dht will cause the receptor to change properly. Another theory is the fibrosis of penis… DHN from deca possibly outcompeted DHT too hard and caused some change similar to PFS and pssd pas patients. Unfortunately this aren’t recognized medical conditions and no literature on cures is really out there. There are case studies of hcg being a bit helpful on one guy with hard flaccid from finasteride… It seems time is best healer in these cases but some do not improve over years.

Wow! I don’t know if you guys are still here with the same thread/convo but reading the thread has made me realise what it was like when I took a deca cycle and feel as if it wrecked my world too! I was only young at the time and didn’t know really what I was doing but the difference is we can chat on sites like here now and get remedies etc… in those days you couldnt ask anyone without getting real embarrassed about it… Any way, I took deca and it shut me down, I did manage to get some hcg n nolvadex, clomid but again didn’t know what I was doing! Are you guys still around to discuss this at all… ??

Wow! I don’t know if you guys are still here with the same thread/convo but reading the thread has made me realise what it was like when I took a deca cycle and feel as if it wrecked my world too! I was only young at the time and didn’t know really what I was doing but the difference is we can chat on sites like here now and get remedies etc… in those days you couldnt ask anyone without getting real embarrassed about it… Any way, I took deca and it shut me down, I did manage to get some hcg n nolvadex, clomid but again didn’t know what I was doing! Are you guys still around to discuss this at all… ??

Come to think of it, my depression probably started not long after the deca cycle!

OK, so did a deca cycle years ago as I’ve already said, shut me down hard, deca dick the lot! tried a hap hazard cycle of hcg, nolv and clomid… them just gave up as I didn’t even know what I was doing was right… eventually after years stated to get slight hard ons… had ED but eventually managed to have 2 kids! Them after this just never got back into the gym but no libido, got ED and now seem to have low T… can anybody see what’s going on if show bloods, showed them on a different chat, but wondering if anybody can offer any advice with what they see… already got some Cialis which I will be taking soon! But love to hear any advice… I remember when we couldn’t chat about any of this as it made you look a complete nitwit! Glad times have changed… Great to see how we help one another :+1:t4: