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Another Deca Dick Thread


New to t-nation, come from fitmisc but don’t think ill get the answers I’m looking for on there.

Deca Dick.

I ran my first cycle of test and var. Great cycle, great gains and had zero sides, PCT went well.

I wanted to add another compound for my second cycle so I decided to do Test Var and add Deca. -Test 500, Deca 300, Var 80mged

Within the first week or 2 I noticed it was very hard for me to finish. Could rarely cum. Out of nowhere I was miserable, could not be alone, crying myself to sleep every night and was so unhappy even when I was in the happiest places. After my 4th week I decided to discontinue Deca, I stayed on test for another 3 months. By week 6 is when I got the notorious Deca dick while with my girlfriend.

My coach told me that my doses were low enough that I wouldn’t need caber. He told me to take nolvadex, and if I had sides to take adex. I eventually switched to adex a couple weeks into the Deca dick. Obviousy I wasn’t better and wanted caber, he said he couldn’t get caber but he had Prami. I took Prami for the rest of the cycle but no help… Everyone said they feel sick on Prami or nauseous and I didn’t notice a thing, maybe it wasn’t legit or dosing was wrong.

I slowly got a little better over the year having sex more often but still nowhere near what I use to be. I would get better for a week or so and then be back to complete limp dick. But overall an upward trend.

My semen has fluctuated from being completely clear and watery to becoming a bit thicker sometimes.

Tested my Test and Im a little above where I was before I ever cycled. Now this morning I went to go get my estrogen and prolactin levels tested. If nothing is found I’m sure my doctor will refer me to an Endo at this point.

It has now been a year and 3 months since my last pin on anything, 18 moths since my last deca pin. The times when I’m better give me hope that I will recover but the watery semen is a huge concern.

I will never touch a 19-norm again or any steroid.

I am looking for advice on what I should do? Any others here who have experienced the same thing and recovered? I know there are a lot of great threads on this already but thought I’d make my own to help anyone else in the future.


There is a good thread on here about deca dick

My options

  1. Finally take some caber

  2. Keep waiting

  3. Run a low dose test cycle and strong pct

Any help would be much appreciated

Thank you

Could try a small dose of Proviron and look up herbs that help boost libido and erection strength.
I did an extended pct with clomid and nolva, plus Cistanche, Gotu kola, tongkat ali, forskolin, dim, ashwaghanda, Butea superba and an Olympus labs pct. Took longer than previous cycles to come good but it worked.
I ran 600mg test e and 600mg deca with 200mg Eq a week for 12 weeks.

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Read a lot last night on Proviron with some successful stories. Coincidentally you mention it the same day I’m looking into it.
How long did you have Deca dick?

Shouldn’t really run Proviron alone tho?

Test + Proviron cycle is probably my best bet here after some successful recoveries I’ve read.

Since my testosterone levels are where they should be, would it mean my fsh is low since I have watery semen? Proviron and hcg should help this id assume.

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How old are you? It sounds like you are experiencing an unfortunate side effect of running steroid cycles. Not everyone’s HPTA recovers fully. You should get some bloodwork done. If your goal is to recover fully, do not try proviron!
Or start another cycle. In the meantime, decrease your training. Focus on your diet and reduce stress. Calcium/Mag/Zinc at night and iodine/selenium in the morning. Once you get bloodwork you can consider an HCG/Nolva restart protocol. But that would be dependent on labs.

Hey thank you for your reply.

I’m 23. Inform me on Proviron? I got test, prolactin and estrogen tested. Test is where I was before cycles and Estero and prolactin are “in range” never found out what they were. I want a full lab done but doc says to wait still…

Currently taking these vitamins Ed for the last week.
500 mg panothenic acid
1500 mg choline bitartrate
500 mg tyrosine
500 mg phenylalanine
400 mcg folic acid
100 mg b-6
500 mg c
2 mg chelated coppeer

I train maybe only 3 times a week now and eat well. This stresses me out though as it’s been a long time.

Thank you for your help

No prob. Proviron and Masteron are DHT derivatives. I’ve used both. They will make you feel fantastic. Libido through the roof. Nothing activates the androgen receptor like DHT. Ive even tried incorporating them into TRT. I could never really get them to work. They eventually worsened erections even tho I loved the feeling. I even tried very low doses 3-5mg/day. Never could find a sweet spot with it. Anyway, it will just shut you down.

Why copper but no Zinc in your regimen? Also look into Carnitine at high doses. It supposedly upregulates the androgen receptor. Which Could be at play in this whole ‘deca dick’ phenom if The androgen receptor has long term sensitivity loss. Ive had good luck with carnitine as part of my TRT routine. Albeit, via injectable carnitine. Also, seriously look into iodine and the thyroid.

Yea people say they’ve taken Proviron for the extra dht to fix dhn taking over. Thought it could give me the boost I needed for the time being and come off. But who really knows what’s going on…

My bad I’m taking cooper and zinc mix. So many vitamins ppl suggest that it becomes a lot so I’m not sure

Time might be what a need as I have had times where I’m better and getting morning wood. It’s been a bad 2 months though.

A second pct of hcg nolva is an option I’ve thought about for sure. Since my test is up there shouldn’t be a problem running a second pct right? Or my last option a test cycle… I would for sure not run a low dose test cycle if my test wasn’t recovered… but have heard it’s a fix for some who don’t recover from just a test cycle.

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Given you have the same T levels as before cycle, I would not recommend doing a restart protocol. And certainly don’t fall into the trap of thinking that other steroids are going to fix the issue.

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Fair enough, I’m with you on this and I do believe eventually my body will recover. Throwing more drugs into the mix is the last thing I want to do. I just want to be healthy. But it’s been a long hard road and hearing people recovering from a “reboot” cycle is tempting but need to give it some more time and thought.

I know the feeling. It’s hard to resist the temptation to get back on. Just keep digging deeper into what living healthy looks like. There’s a lot you can do naturally. You’re 23. In your original post you said you never wanted to touch another steroid. Things will definitely get better. Worst case grab some Cialis as needed till you’re back in form.


Seems like all of my bloods so far are perfect.

Testosterone: 21.9 nmol/L (8.0-29.5)

Prolactin: 7.3 ug/L (<21.0)

Estradiol: 56 pmol/L (<200)

My blood pressure has been high when I was checked at the doctor and at the dentist. I went in relaxed to the drug store and my blood pressure was perfect 120/80. My chest does feel tight, even laying in bed at night, it’s beating fast and hard. I don’t know if it’s because I am super stressed out at this point.

I finally got referred to a urologist yesterday, don’t know when I’ll hear from them for an appointment but I should get a full blood panel finally.

My biggest question is, can I have a good Total T level but still be shut down? Low free T?

I ask this because of my watery semen which I know happens to some guys when they are on cycle and shut down… My balls feel so light and empty, could this be low LH? When my balls are super low hanging and soft, it’s the hardest for me to get an erection, when they tighten up and feel normal, it’s easier to get an erection. When I was hcg I had good loads and was probably the best sex I was having since getting erection problems. So this makes me wonder if I am shutdown but have good total t. My total t from a test before I ever cycled was 19 pmol/L so I know my total t is good.

My placid penis use to be so shrivelled up and small that it was hard and small. Lately it’s been better and hanging low and soft more often.

Because of these symptoms I feel like something is for sure wrong and will be discovered in future blood test’s since these are not normal.

The estradiol number looks a bit high and the symptoms of high estrogen include all that you mention. Look into some natural ways to lower estrogen using DIM. Otherwise, look at your Thyroid function. Did you add iodine/selenium/salt to your supplement mix? There are plenty of threads on here of what to check thyroid wise. Also, Do you max out everytime you go into the gym? Even three days a week is too much if you are overdoing it while your body is in an already weakened state or your adrenals are stressed. Think about dialing back the intensity and focusing on your form and your breathing.


56 pmol\L = 15 pg/ml

So my estrogen isn’t high, seems to be an optimal level, maybe a bit low.

I haven’t really even been working out at all lately because I’m dealing with a shoulder injury. Been going here and there, 3 times a week and training not too hard.

I was reading a thread where a guy getting blood tested for the iirc and failed for having nandrolone in his system 3 years later!

I need to focus on eating better right now, getting out for a sweat, focusing on school and stop thinking about this. I stress about this every minute of the day. I was in a relationship this whole time but it ended over a month ago and I’ve noticed the stress affecting me a lot.

Will wait and see what the urologist says but it’s looking like a waiting game if my bloods so far have all be optimal.

The fact that I’ve had some weeks where I’m pretty much normal should mean in time I’ll recover.

Met a girl at a party and was rock rock hard anytime we started making out, went back to her place and was rock hard making out there, almost banged but she wasn’t that kind of girl and wants to go on some dates first, so we are :man_shrugging:t3: But I can not get an erection all day but if I get a little affection or hug my gf I would get hard. These are the only times I get hard without stimulation

I don’t understand being hesitant to just take caber… It’s not expensive…
I’ve run caber .25 2x a week & not had issues with Tren Ace & Npp
Both I ran at 150-300 per week
Usually I run my test as a base 2x my nanz
So right now doing npp 300 test cyp 600
No boner issue so far with .25 caber EOD & .5 anastrozle same…
I’m prolly old school but I think on juice u gotta bang or spank monkey daily to make sure everything works…plus u should be horny AF on cycle anyhow… if yur not it’s a signal something is off

I ran test higher but wish I did 2x. I also wish I had caber but stupid coach said I’d be fine.

Just a lot of dumb shit, wish I just stuck to test, had amazing results and felt amazing on and off.

What would you do if you were still having problems like me over a year later?

Sorry I was reading the 56 as pg/ml. 15 is pretty low. I would feel like shit with estrogen at 15 pg/ml. Don’t just start taking Cabergoline. It’s a powerful dopamine agonist with a long half life. It works mid cycle if you’re going heavy on the 19-nor’s. Or if you have a pituitary tumor. Otherwise, just stay away.

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E2 of 15 is really low especially since your T isn’t non-existent. Are you taking an AI of some sort?

Id run a high trt dose of test only 250 test cyp. Anastrozle .25 eod, hcg 500 per week, caber .25 eod. Maybe hgh 2-4 iu per day. The hgh & test will send yur sex drive up 4 sure. It does me anyhow. If after 2-3 weeks nothing bump test.
My buddy ran decca like a dip shit too same thing… but it wore off a few weeks after cycle