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Another Deadlift Form Check Thread.

Hey, all.
This was week 1 of a 405 max on 5/3/1, and I pulled 345x7. My last rep was ugly, and I should have stopped at 6 - I’m still learning when to ease off and give my ego a rest. I’d love to hear some suggestions. Thanks!

It looks like your hips start high and you rely a lot on lower back strength. This could be a limiting factor in the future. It would be difficult to tweak your technique by lowering your hips without a noticeable drop in strength. If you don’t want to drop the weights to get more quad involvement then make sure to bring up your quad strength outside of the deadlift. If you aren’t getting enough quad work from squats then do a bit more accessory work for them.

Appreciate the reply. I’ve been experimenting with my hip placement, and purposefully keeping them a little high on this lift. I was having a trouble with my hips shooting up too much, and was following some advice from Mark Bell about starting the lift with your hips higher. I may have exaggerated that in this instance, though.

Looks like you might have some pretty tight hamstrings. From my experience alot of people will think they are getting their hips low but are actually just pushing them back, due to tight hams. Other than that you hinge your hips well and maintain a good spinal position.