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Another Dead Football Player



How long before they blame some evil supplement? Forget the fact that he was only 23 and 310 pounds at a height of 6'3". And I'll bet that 310 wasn't all muscle.
Yep, just fuel for the fire.


People dying from the body they have developed for their sport seems to happen all the time. Its usually with the guys who have gotten huge, either with mounds of muscle or fat.

I dont claim to know why this happens. But you can predict pretty acuratley who is going to leave this earth literally just by looking at them.

The dead pool articles here may seem insensitive but I look at them more as a warning. Look at PLUSA, seems almost every issue has the story of another death. Its always the same, a really decent guy, who was really huge, and almost always, relatively young.

I think its a risk you take and one that can be mitigated somewhat if after you retire you loose weight (see Dorian Yates for example) and take care of yourself in a way that promotes health. Which may not be possible while your are still in competition.

But if these heavyweights in football, powerlifting, olympiclifting and other sports dont do something about it then it will be their fate to leave this earth younger then most.

How many 70 year old 320 pounders do you know? hell I dont know any in there 60s. This is not a dig against being big just an observation. All that weight may be ok in your 20s, some times not as in this case, but at some point you gotta get leaner and start looking out for your health. If you desire longevity.



I just saw this on the news and was thinking the same thing.

Maybe we should stock up on our supplements now while we still can :confused:

I'll give it 3 days before someone claims that a supplement he was taking could have been part of the cause.


They claim he was in shape? If you're 6'2 and weigh 310 pounds you're most likely either obese or on a disgusting amount of steroids.


I haven't seen the details of his death but I'm guessing out of shape (overweight), dehydrated, and altitude were contributing factors.


Dang, that dude died? I was listening to the game on radio(because it was not telivised here in SW Colorado) and afterward I checked the game notes and saw that a San Francisco 3/4 stringer who was on the final drive collapsed in the locker room.

I would say it probably was just bad luck health wise. He may have had a bad heart and not known, or just been succeptable to the kind of exertion death that killed him. He could have been fat and was probably a little but most linemen in the NFL aren't super fat or super muscular, they're just a different bodytype. They're big.

Stimulants could contribute, but probably not the main cause. People die, and looking for an answer in supplaments and "unsafe" conditions is usually looking for an answer that is not there.


I'll just throw my two cents in and say that none of us have any idea what could have possibly caused his death. The toxicology results won't be back for another 4 to 6 weeks.


The dude was jazzed about the touchdown drive that the 49'ers had at the end of the game.

Totally unexpected. We won't know anything until an autopsy is performed.

Hell, he might have caught a forearm shiver from a lineman that sheared part of his aorta. Who knows.

People are going to cry obesity as a contributing factor if not THE factor on this one and that sucks. There are plenty of big linemen that have their careers and retire and do just fine. I think the statistics of deaths per capita of linemen or football players in general is pretty small. It's just much more public when someone dies.

Take motocross, ATV riders for example, many more people die doing that recreationally than any athlete performing in their proffesional sport. Yet many people don't have a problem with putting their kids on a bike at age 4. A lot of these folks won't let their kids play football though.