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Another Day at the Bar


There is no known upper limit for Vitamin D3 intake other than the sunburn one gets trying to make it with solar exposure.

25000IU doage daily results in no toxic reaction unless an extreme feeling of well-being is now considered toxic. I take 10000IU daily myself.


Hmmmm… I thought taking too much over an extended period could cause hypercalcemia.


Too much being how much?

I have none of the outward symptoms of hypercalcemia. Can’t say about my blood serum calcium levels as I rarely ever see a doctor and that only when my wife nags me to distraction.


10000iu is the absolute highest recommended dosage. My dad was diagnosed with low d levels. They gave him 100000s and it made him sick. So I have done a little research about it.
If it’s working for you that’s all that matters. But, too much of a good thing can still be too much😏



Fatman ring rows
BW 3sets x 10reps

Ring pushups (wide)
BW 3sets x 10 reps

Reverse Lunges
BW 3sets x 10 reps

Something every day.



KB swings
24kg 3sets x 15 reps

KB squat
48 kgs 2 sets x10 reps

2 x20

KB press
48kg 3 sets x10 reps

Back was tweaky on the swings. Actually indicates I need to work on abdomen bracing strength.



Wide Neutral Grip Pullups
BW 11 sets x 5 reps

Strap pushups
BW 5 sets x 10 reps

Band pull aparts - miniband
Some by many


1 mile+ walk with the wife who has lost 70+ lbs so far. Go my girl.

KB Swing (Warmup)
24kg x15

KB presses
24kg 3,3,3,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,10

Gibbon Rows
BW 5,3

Not in good enough shape for those yet.

Neutral Grip pullups (narrow)
BW 8,8,5,5,5,5,5,5

Hm…seem to be neglecting my legs.

Leg day tomorrow, then.


48 kg 5sets x 10 reps

KB Swings
24kg x 30

And that’s all I could do. I have no wind to speak of. My back didn’t like the squats, but I did. It’ll get better.


BW = 170
I need to put on at least 15 lbs

barx10 + gm x10
225 3x3

Overhead Press (Cleaned)
135 3x3

Neutral grip Pullup
BW+25 3x3

Pendlay Row
155 5x3 sets

Clean Grip DL
235 5x3 sets
Tried to lift these quickly in good form

Triceps Press-downs
Various x many

DB Hammer curl (thumbless)
40’s 8x3 sets

Realized I don’t care about biceps peak. Tweaked right lower back previous session so wasn’t sure I could squat today, but it went great. SQ not fast, but no rep was in doubt. Possibly too much volume too soon, but it was the best session since restarting (again). Stay at 135 for next OHP as last rep of last set almost stalled.


For those who remember him, Alpha (Brian Alsruhe) started his own strongman gym and is making videos of his competitors and training. Good dude.


Where you been hiding?


Cubicle land. My soul was sucked so hard that I lost the will to lift.
I’m better now.


Been a while Skid. Nice to see you back. I’m headed over to the Philippines for 4 months so won’t be posting as much but I’ll be checking in.


Good on ya, Hel.



Clean and Push Press

1 Arm DB row
80 6x3 sets

Hack SQ
3 plates/side x3,5
3 Plates+2 dimes x3
3 plates x3

Snatch grip DL
205 5x3 sets

BWx10,10, ouch

Had to do hacks because the single SQ rack in the place was infested with bros. Had planned to do Front SQ. Twanged something in lower back on dips. Encouraging though since I couldn’t do 5 dips a month ago. Will add weight.


Back tweak has turned into repeating muscle spasms. Quite uncomfortable.


Good to see you Tony. Hope your back feels better. I watch Brian Alsruhe on YouTube all the time. Another guy I watch a lot is Alan Thrall. He’s trains with Brian on a couple videos.


It does this each time I start back lifting again. Good reason not to stop, really

I dig 'em both as well. Alpha’s giant sets are insane. But for a reasonably big guy he’s goddam explosive.


I’m on the Appalachian Trail in South Carolina at the Wasser Shelter. Did 15 miles today in steady cold rain.

I’ll need to start weight training again next week when I get back home.

This post inspired me to start after it again.