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Another Day at the Bar


[quote]DaCharmingAlbino wrote:
Geez, I suck.

Apparently, if I don’t post, I don’t lift. Hence…

Hitting the gym tonight.[/quote]

…and then I didn’t. Tonight, definitely.



Clean And Press
135 3x3

SN pulls
185 3x3

205 3x3

1 Arm DB row
75 5x3 sets

Arm stuff
a few x some


Looks like I picked the right resistance last time; I’m sore enough to indicate the training had an effect, but not so sore/tight that I can’t train again tonight. I could have gone heavier, but I would have been physically out of it for four days afterwards if I’d done so.

Maybe I’m finally learning how to titrate this stuff.


Glad to see you back at it. Injuries suck.


Thanks Jo, good to be back.


Stopped there. Shoulders are not quite in condition for a lot of that.

Clean pull
205 3x3

185 3x2

BW 5x3 sets

45s 8x2 sets,7

Good enough. Pleased with FS and not much else. I’m foldy and soft in the middle, making presses harder than they should be.


nice work -

your numbers will be sneak right back up


[quote]brotardscience wrote:
nice work -

your numbers will be sneak right back up[/quote]

Thanks Kev, mebbe so. Interestingly, I’m not too concerned about whether they do these days.

This looks like something I can get behind:


I’m not too concerned about whether they do these days.

I’ve been feeling the exact same way lately. I just want to get into some kind of reasonable shape.


“Father, it has been 4 months since my last lifting session…”

“You unutterable worm! Pray that Crom does not smite you to dust and ashes, apostate! Leave my sight now, lest his work becomes mine”


Good to see you around these parts o pale one, did you manage to get to the gym?


[quote]Scotto wrote:
Good to see you around these parts o pale one, did you manage to get to the gym?[/quote]

Erm…no, but I watch lots of lifting videos. Does that count?

Seriously, though, the shrunk shank and old man fat-belt have happened and I need to make them go away.

I actually dreamed about lifting weights the other night. Time to stop dreaming.


Z-man here…AKA Zildjianman from the past…just wanting to find some old familiar names like yours! Hope your around these parts sooner than later.



Worked out twice. Didn’t hurt my back starting up (for once).

Might post numbers when they are not embarrassing.

Glad CarlDarby’s back.


Tbe Over 35’s resident Olympic lifter is back !!


There you are!

I checked old emails, facebook, everywhere I could think to try to track you down and get you back on here.

Glad that you are still kicking and, hopefully, hanging around.


Post the numbers. This is a training log, right? If it helps any, my first workout back after that 4 year layoff consisted of 1 set of 3 squats with 40kg.


Glad to see you here! I know what you mean about numbers. But it’s really about supporting each other in the journey, right? I miss your Oly lifting vids.



yes please.
keep posting


Y’all are very persuasive and kpsnap in particular nailed it.

Workout #1
Clean and Press
115 3x3

185 3x3

1 Armed DB Rows
75 5 x 4 sets

Bent Over Lateral Raises
10’s 5x4 sets with 15 sec rests
10’s 10 x 2 sets

Close Grip BP
135 3x3

Workout #2
Clean and Push Press
135 3x3

Front Squat
155 3x3

BW 3,4,4,3,3,3

BB Curls
80 5x2

Keeping volume low for now until I adapt. I’ll add more stuff later.
Not smoking cigarettes any more, but am using electric nicotine-vapor pipe. All the vasoconstriction without the tar.

I have trouble doing this without a concrete goal so I guess I should set a few:

Press: 175x3
Squat: 350x3
Clean: 225
BB Row: 185x15
DL: 450x1

That’ll do for now. Gonna take a long time to get there, since I’m going to be lifting without a belt and increase in small steps.


Great to see you back at it! And congrats on dropping the smokes…even if for vapes.

I think you will be surprised at how quickly you hit those goals.

Choosing to go beltless? Or you can’t find it? lol