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Another Day at the Bar


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Is this a new thread? Am I no. 1?


this has got to be one of the best thread titles ever, in fact I am mad I didn't think of it myself


Drugs can be good. Or so I've heard. But not as good as a snatch.


very nicely put


What Pete meant.


yes, but where the charming light one?


I was just away, reading about something called the pale-o diet - which I thought had something to do with inducing a melanin-deficiency. I thought it would be cool if more people were seeking my lack of complexion, cuz then I wouldn't be so alone.

I was wrong.

Oh well, back to looking for an albino support group...







Clean pull to knees + Clean and Push Jerk
175 1x5 sets

Clean and Push Jerk
190 1x5 sets (was only supposed to do 3 sets - DOH!) PR +5lbs and +4 sets

BW+35 3x5 sets

Front Squat
235 3x3

Felt really out of it today, still not recovered from Monday. Made it through, but everything felt mushy and slow. The push jerk is a PR, but I'm not getting my butt back on the catch so the balance is not good. Won't be able to go much heavier until I get these shoulders and torso more flexible. Coach gave me a video of loosening exercises to do and I guess I'll have to quit avoiding doing them. I hate stretching and mobility crap.

Pullups felt really wrong. So weak in this now. Good thing I get to do them twice every 8 days. I'm doing some form of squatting every session so I may have to back off the poundage a little so I can recover.


Any chance of sharing those exercises? I really need to increase my flexibility drastically. I've started doing the Calstrength ones 3 x a day as of today. Does your coach have different ones?

Also, how long did it take you to be able to do a squat snatch bottom position? (I'm not hot on the terminology). That's my first goal.


I'm still not there Farmer. Been seriously working it for a month and a half, but I had to drop weight on the bar and strengthen/groove that bottom position. Gotta relearn it each time I add weight.

Here's the vid(s) There's two, I think.



why do you push-jerk? you gonna squat-jerk?


Cuz I'm a pushy jerk.

Still getting my shoulder better. Split jerking makes it unhappy. Push Jerking makes it less so and also really makes me launch the bar upwards. My levers will in no way ever allow me to squat jerk. I'll be a splitter soon.


aw crap. think i'm gonna have to squat jerk. i'd really rather not be alone in that.


Nice work, Tony. Of course, I have no idea what I am looking for/at. But I am 100% sure that it is infinitely better than anything I would do.

I guess I need to breakdown and go figure out what the lifts are and how they are supposed to look. So I can comment from somewhere other than absolute ignorance.





And buddy, your lifts are sick. As always. I wish I was you... minus the glowing, pasty white skin.


Here's how they are supposed to look:


Tony I gotta say I admire the way you switched gears lifting wise and then just crushed Oly lifting.