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Another Czar




Bloom has already sidestepped congressional approval. He was senior adviser to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner as part of the auto industry task force since February. Bloom, a Harvard Business School graduate, previously advised the United Steelworkers union and worked as an investment banker.

I already smell a rat. How much actual experience does have at running a business???


Probably about as much as every other Czar.


Do you think this could be to spite those who demanded his environmental czar resign? I think this is a foolish move for Obama.


since when do we have czars? What branch do they fall under, where are the checks and balances?


You can't do a performance-art version of Atlas Shrugs without czars such as these.

So why would Obama leave them out?


Since the 1940's.


I am not sure where you have been, but there is no check for these czars. That is the whole point, the president can nominate one of them while there is no checking their background.


Keith Olbermann said they started with the Nixon administration. Didn't you watch his video?


Czar is not a good term for what these people are. Czar means Ceasar or emporer which implies they answer to noone. A much more accurate term for them would be "Gauleiter" because the Gauleiter answered to noone but "the leader".


You worry me sometimes ya know that?


Quick as a hiccup.


sorry I didn't make the angst and sarcasm apperant with that one? more rhetorical than serious.