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Another Cycle of 5x5?

I’m on week 11 on my 12 week cycle of 5x5 and absolutely loving it. Should I just run another cycle or take some deload time? Also, since I don’t know much about 5x5 I just somewhat picked it randomly, what are some of the longterm advantages and disadvantages?

If its working and your geting stronger why stop.

I’m a newbie–about 7 months of lifting. But the one thing I’ve learned from a little over 5 months of 531 is the importance of deload.

I’d take a week of deload, then hit another cycle of 5X5 if it’s still working and you aren’t bored with it.

It has gotten a little boring, but I’m LOVING the results and I still get pumped to go to the gym

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. You’ll be so much better in the long run if you build a solid base. Most people go to madcow/texas method after 5x5 and then you’ll probably need to slow down a little. Enjoy the gains while you can! A deload after the cycle couldn’t hurt. But most people running “noob” programs don’t need one.

thanks for asking this question! I am just about the same spot in Stronglifts 5x5 and was wondering the same thing.

Are you failing at your lifts? Is this linear progression 5x5 or madcow or is it the adavanced periodization. After a while, the heavier the weight gets and the more advanced you get in your lifts linear progression will fail. I would deload make another run at the linear progression and once you start consistently failing at your prescribed lifts move on to the 5x5 advanced periodization progression