Another Cutting Cycle

After reading Glocks cutter, I came up with this cycle - any feed back much appreciated…

Primo Depot at 500mg a week
Anavar at 40mg a day
Provironum at 25-50mg a day

PCT normal clomid/nolvedex

All run for 3-5 weeks finance depending!

The idea of the provironum is to provide some androgen content to what is otherwise a pure anabolic stack.

Any good?

FYI I am 35 years old, been training for 20 years, weigh 205lbs at 5’11’’ with around 13% BF and my diet is good and I am currently following the german body comp principles. This is not my first cycle and have used on and off for 3 years.

Thanks for any input.

Primo and anavar are too similar to be running together, pick one or the other and then either increase your dosage or, add a class 2 steroid - such as winstrol.

Thanks for the input p22 - how about winstrol orals at 50mg a day, anavar at 50 mg a day plus Prov. at 25mg a day…would that be better?


Thanks again.