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Another curiosity thread...hobbies/pastimes

I think its obvious that all of here are into bodybuilding, strength training or the like. But what about when you’re not in the gym? Music? Hunting? Volunteering at orphanages? Personally, I do a lot of writing and reading. Makes good sense that I’m an English student then, eh?

I’m a graduate student in exercise science. I’m also a musician; I have a bunch of guitars, a keyboard, my own home recording studio setup and I make my own music.

I race BMX. I’m also a sophomore in college; hoping to get into a med school to be an endocrinologist or an orthopedist.

rubberman, are you Canadian by chance, “eh”? :slight_smile: I am into playing music and listening to music also… I’m a music education major in school now and I am currently building a kick ass car audio system. It’s so much fun, but cost so much money. (Especially when trying to support a bodybuilding diet). Anyone have a spare million laying around I could have?

I climb, mountain bike, and research computers (I’m getting ready to build my next one…I’ll be watercooling it!)

When not working my but off in my home gym I’m busy playing a high level of tennis, playing the drums, lots of reading, bodyboarding, surfing. And, spending time with the ladies!

I only started lifting to supplement my martial arts training, that’s my big thing, But you can’t do that full time or you turn into a robot, in my spare time I work on finishing my psychology degree (last yr, Yeah!) and jam with my mates. I also play bass in a band that just got set up. Cos remember folks, variety really is the spice of life, and our strength flow from diversity.

Lot of you guys might laugh when I tell you but I’m a magician. I like to go on the streets and walk up to strangers and bug them with my tricks. Kind of like what David Blaine does on his TV specials. Oh, and I am also pursuing a degree in computer science.

I like to sleep with my girlfriend. Then go home and sleep with my wife.

I like to read a lot and also write some. I enjoy teaching which I did for awhile at my church and also at the martial arts dojo on occasion before the school closed. I studied aikijutsu there and had just started kenjutsu. Im working now on finding another school to train at. Im also into computers/technology a bit.

I greatly enjoy the outdoors. Living here in Fort Collins Colorado I have the ability to camp, fish, hunt, go rafting, hike, climb 14ers and more all within a very short drive. I also have a hobby of building model cars aside from that, I’m a DIE HARD football fan…but strength and conditioning is my life.

Playstation! But I also kickbox, grapple and read.

I also like playing with my wife’s toes.

I play guitar and sing in a band (think U2 meets Neil Young…thats the type of music we write).

I also bike (both mountain and road) and enjoy hiking.

I design waterslides and uphill water coasters for waterparks all over the world during the day. Pump out 3D animation and computer graphics at night. I am also a musician and teach guitar. I enjoy weight training, running, biking, racing model cars and tending to my fish tank. The wife owns the rest of my time. :o)

When I am not lifting and teaching others I am busy playing guitar for a band.I also try to fill my time with my 2 year old girl.Fishing hunting camping and hiking are some other things I like to do. I answer alot of e-mails daily for guys asking about bodybuilding, so that is time consuming also. Thinking about competing with my age bracket who knows I may become Pro.Always looking for new musicians to jam with in my area.( God,sounds like one of those dating things. Hi my name Is… and My turn ons are…)hehehehe

I play football and track at div.1 college so when I’m not competing or training I work on trucks and bikes, I love to shoot and blow shit up, and goin mud runnin with my friends

As a Jehovah’s Witness, when I am not training, I volunteer the rest of my time to encourage bible reading and giving people that want to listen a hope for the future.

For both my wife and I: year around - gourmet cooking (my wife is much better at this than I am, and I doubt my creations will ever earn a “gourmet” title), reading, homebrewing beer and wine, and staying in bed & breakfasts; warm weather - hiking, mountain biking, scuba diving, and home improvement stuff; cold weather - cross country skiing, snow shoeing, and sitting by the fireplace at a mountain lodge with a hot spiced rum drink (and, of course, a good book).

I enjoy reading a great deal and cover everything from fitness to spirituality to business. I also enjoy writing and plan on writing some more articles for t-mag and other online and offline publications.

My girl friends breasts are real nice so I spend alot of time with them, I mean her. I also love drinking beer, playing golf and softball in the summer, snowboarding in the winter(try doing that drunk) and collecting comic books.