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Another Crossfit Delight...


What the hell is this??


It appears to be a kilt.


An angry looking man in a kilt who appears to be doing kettle bell swings?


It looks to me like he's about to throw a kettlebell over his head.

Why he's doing this on what appears to be a desolate dirt road is another question...


Allwyn Cosgrove after he caves in and admits pavel knows all?

A new sport combining cross country running, kettle bells and high Scottish fashion?


I don't get why you posted this, Nick. What is your point? Is there something funny in the pic that I am not seeing?


Looks like a guy in a kilt trying to block an incoming flying haggis with a punch.


I was going to guess it's an idiot posting a picture. Anybody guess that one yet?


Looks like the guy in the picture is practicing for weight over bar,one event in Highland heavy events.


I thought it was funny...


Here's the before photo: