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Another Creatine/Surge Question

Sorry about all of the questions I’ve been asking, I’m puting all of your guys responses to good use though.

I’m going to start using some creatine in 4-6 weeks and I’m going to order Surge and creatine on the 1st. I know its good to use the two together but what is the best product to mix the creatine with on non workout days. I’ve heard gapefruit juice is the best for absorbing things but I’m not sure. I’m kind of poor so the cheapest most effective thing for delivery on those days when I’m not in the gym.

Thanks again.

You really don’t need it on the non-workout days in my opinion. If you really feel the need to use it on off days, mix it in with some green tea. I think it was Dan John who recommended this?

I’ve read places that it not good to mix creatine with citrus fruits/juices. It counteracts absorbtion into you body. Can anyone back me up on this?

Drink it with something that has a good sodium amount. Salt helps creatine get into the muscles, im not gonna get into why but yeah. I usually drink it with gatorade. Then after that and my protein and Nos i just down the water. Drink alot of water with the creatine because creatine puts water into muscles and helps with recovery and gives a bigger apperance.

I’ve found out there not good. What about just powdered gatorade. Mix the two together and fill with water. I found a site that said warm water but where’s the delivery system in that.

Gatorade is probably where I’ll go. Your post wasn’t up when I was writing my response. Powdered gatorade is fairly cheap too.

best to mix it in a hot liquid to assure it dissolves well etc. Just assures no gut disstress some report. Not crucial I can just toss a spoonfull in my mouth but not a bad habit.

Other than that yes the sodium thing is spot on Cy Willson went into that not to long back. cant remember where. Try a search with his name and creatine.

[quote]A-Town Crown wrote:
I found a site that said warm water but where’s the delivery system in that.[/quote]

Creatine monohydrate doesn’t require a ‘delivery system’ to be effective in most individuals to be effective. Besides, most ‘delivery systems’ are nothing more than marketing gimmicks.

Warm water or tea works great in helping it dissolve, which is all you need. As previously mentioned, salt may aid in absorption as well.

If you want an insulin spike, simply throw it in a pwo drink.

I was looking for nonworkout days. The whole time I was taking creatine before I could’ve just bought straight monohydrate and got the same effects? I was going to buy str but it was cheaper to buy it with the dextrose allready in it than buying a gatorade everyday. I feel ripped off now.

I knew there was no difference in the cheap stuff and the expensive shit (cell tech), but I didn’t know there wasn’t any difference between the stuff with dextrose and just monohydrate.

I’ve learned new stuff on here everyday since I joined